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Like taking with your iPhone 5/5s/5c to jog in the morning? Take a look at PureGear recently released PureMove sports armband, it may be a nice companion for you.

PureGear PureMove Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s/5c

Don’t want your headphone cords to get tangled in your bag or pocket? Take a look at Cliphone, the minimal cable organizer should be a nice solution.

Cliphone Minimal Cable Organizer

Need a handy way to organize your charging cable and adapter for easy to carry? Take a look at PowerCurl Mini Universal, the cable organizer may be a nice solution.

PowerCurl Mini Universal Cable Organizer

You’re considering a new protective case for your iPad 4/3/2? Take a look at Code2, the iPad case may be able to catch your eyes.

Code2 iPad Case with Cord Organizer

You can find out many nice cable organizers from our gadget database, but if you need more functions, the following Snable desktop cable organizer may be more suitable for you.

Snable Desktop Cable Organizer

Need a tangle-free way to take your iPhone adapter and earbuds? Take a look at PowerCurl Mini, the adapter holder and earphone cord organizer may be able to meet your requirements.

PowerCurl Mini Adapter Holder and Earphone Cord Organizer

You can use an earphone cord organizer to keeps your earbuds tangle free, but if you use iPhone or iPod touch, the following Smarter iPhone stand may be a better solution.

Smarter iPhone Stand and Cord Organizer

We have introduced several practical protective cases with card slots for iPhone 5, but if you want more functions, the Cling iPhone 5 case may be more suitable for you.

The Cling iPhone 5 Case with Headphone Cord Organizer