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Forget those conventional tents, the doughnut inspired camping tent will bring you a more flexible way to enjoy space during your camping trip. Curious? Let’s go on checking Camping Doughnut.

Camping Doughnut Camping Tent

The special CD can’t be used to hold any digital content, but if you want to control your laptop, the concept Flat CD computer mouse will help you in the near future.

Concept Flat CD Computer Mouse

What kind of watch design is your favorite, luxury, modern or minimalist? If you prefer the latter, the following Less is More concept wrist watch should be able to catch your eyes.

Less is More Concept Wrist Watch

How to backup the data on your tablet PC? At present, the only way is to use suitable applications, but in the near future, the concept tablet PC will give us an interactive backup solution.

Concept Tablet PC with Interactive Backup Solution

Fertilization Watch

November 16, 2010 | In: Concept Gadgets, Watches

Have you remembered the incredible G-spot mouse? Now the designer brought the similar idea on wristwatch. That’s Fertilization Watch.

Fertilization Watch