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All we know Moto 360 has its own wireless charger, but if you want a more stylish option to perfectly match with the smartwatch, you may like to check the Chrono wireless charging station.

Chrono Charging Station for Moto 360

By combining the roughness of concrete and the elegance of wood, WoodUp’s mobi charging station delivers you a stylish way to charge your iPhone. Like the design? Let’s keep reading.

Woodup Mobi iPhone Charging Station

The handmade wood desk organizer features an integrated docking station to provide a handy way to put your accessories together and charge your phone. Sounds cool? Let’s go on.

The Handmade Wood Desk Organizer with iPhone 6 Docking Station

The aluminum dock provides a simple and stylish way to charge and sync your iPhone 6. If it can match with your style, let’s go on checking the Trilogy iPhone 6 charging station.

Trilogy Charging Station with Sound Amplifier for iPhone 6

The chunk of wood will provide you an eco-friendly way to charge your iPhone 6. If you think it can meet the style of your room, let’s go on checking Dock Artisan’s Redwood docking station.

Dock Artisan Redwood Docking Station for iPhone 6/5/5s

Don’t need an extra mini PC, the docking station can effortlessly turn your Android smartphone into a desktop computer. Sounds pretty cool? Let’s go on checking Andromium dock.

Andromium Dock Turns Your Android Phone into Desktop Computer

Need a suitable charging station that works well with your iOS or Android device with protective case? Take a look at Sarvi Dock, the aluminum docking station may be a nice option.

Sarvi Dock Charging Station for iOS and Android Devices

Need an elegant way to charge, prop up and showcase your new iPhone 6/6 Plus? Take a look iSkelter’s Chisel 6 docking station, it may be a nice solution.

iSkelter Chisel 6 Docking Station for iPhone 6/6 Plus