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How many cables are under your desk? Need a convenient way to manage those tangled cables? Take a look at BlueLounge’s Soba cable organizer, it may be a nice solution.

BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer

The flexible straps can be a cable organizer, card holder, or a hand strap to bring you more features on your iPhone 5/5s. Curious? Let’s go on checking Felix’s HoldTight iPhone 5s case with customizable straps.

Felix HoldTight iPhone 5s Case with Customizable Straps

XiStera XS Plus is a nice way to add more features on your iPhone 5/5s such as iPhone lenses, tripod mount, bottle openers and more. Curious? Let’s go on checking the 8-in-1 multi-tool.

XiStera XS Plus 8-In-1 Multi-Tool for iPhone

Protective case, power bank and cable organizer have been put together in one system. If you need the three gadgets for your iPhone 5/5s, let’s go on checking Zolo Tough iPhone 5s case.

Zolo Tough iPhone 5s Case with Magnetic Backup Battery and Cable Organizer

We have seen many practical cable organizers, but if you’re a big fan of LEGO, you would like to make your own cable organizer with LEGO bricks.

Make Your Own LEGO Cable Organizer

You can use an cable organizer to prevent your headphones from getting tangled, but if you use iPhone 5/5s, the following TurtleCell 101 iPhone 5s case with retractable headphones may also be a nice solution.

TurtleCell 101 iPhone 5s Case with Retractable Headphones

Need a simple way to organize your headphones or get a secure grip on your smartphone? Take a look at Sucker-Type smart hand trap, it may be a nice solution.

Sucker-Type Smart Hand Strap for Smartphones

Need a handy way to hold your smartphone or tablet for hands-free viewing? Have a look at IDAPT’s Sutra, the universal stand may be suitable for you.

IDAPT Sutra Universal Stand for Smartphone and Tablet