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How to show your Star Wars books, DVDs and CDs to your friends? In addition to a large collection, you may also need a pair of Star Wars Imperial seal bookends to keep the treasures decently in your showcase.

The Limited Edition Star Wars Imperial Seal Bookends

Don’t worry, the AT-AT Walker won’t destroy anything in your house, but if you want a unique way to organize your books, the Star Wars AT-AT Walker bookends will help you.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Bookends

Apparently you can’t use the special headphones to enjoy your favorite music, but if you need a unique way to organize your books, the headphone shaped bookends may be able to draw your attention.

The Headphone Shaped Bookends

The Katana Bookends

January 20, 2013 | In: Cool Gadgets, House Life

Sorry, you can’t use the traditional Japanese knife to cut fruits, but if you want a unique way to organize your books, the katana bookends will help you.

The Katana Bookends

We have introduced a few Portal inspired gadgets, while the latest finding is the Portal themed bookends. If you’re a fan of the innovative video game, it should be able to catch your eyes.

Portal Themed Bookends

Generally the Star Wars logo is just an iconic brand. But now it’s obvious that the Star Wars logo bookends have changed the situation.

Limited Edition Star Wars Logo Bookends

Not every memorable scene in Star Wars needs to be shown through screen. No doubt, the Star Wars bookends can do, too.

Star Wars Bookends Showing us the Memorable Scene

Want to amaze your friends with something when they step into your study? Apparently the anti-gravity arrow magnetic bookends can help you.

Arrow Magnetic Bookends Shoot through the Books