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June & May’s Portable Sound Bluetooth Speaker

FRESHeTECH has release June & May’s Portable Sound, its latest Bluetooth speaker. With its integrated carrying handle, you can conveniently take your favorite music anywhere you want to go.

June & May's Portable Sound Bluetooth Speaker


ADV.SOUND 993 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Boasts High-Quality Sound and Aluminum Housing

With its aluminum housing, ADV.SOUND’s 993 portable Bluetooth speaker delivers a modern and premium design, and its speaker units produces high-quality stereo audio. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

ADV.SOUND 993 Aluminum Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Hult Pavilion Bluetooth Speaker Boasts High-Quality Audio and Charming Aesthetics

We have seen lots of Bluetooth speakers, but if you want something different, Hult’s Pavilion Bluetooth speaker may draw your more attention using its unique combination of concrete base, wooden top panel, spiral part and more.

Hult Pavilion Bluetooth Speaker


Geni Smart Beacon with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lamp, USB Ports and More

Using color coded signal, Geni smart beacon intuitively tells you incoming calls, messages and notifications from your smartphone, and integrated Bluetooth speaker, LED lamp and USB ports being you more functions.

Geni Smart Beacon with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lamp and Charging Station


Aduro Amplify BSP25 Dual Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

We have introduced lots of nice portable wireless speakers, but Aduro Amplify BSP25 dual Bluetooth speakers may be more suitable if you want more vivid stereo audio in the room.

Aduro Amplify BSP25 Dual Stereo Bluetooth Speaker System


Braven BRV-XXL Bluetooth Speaker Boasts Built-in Power Bank, IPX5 Waterproof Rating and More

Braven has released BRV-XXL, its latest Bluetooth speaker. With its decent volume, the portable speaker delivers higher quality audio, and built-in power bank can give your smartphone or tablet a charge.

Braven BRV-XXL Bluetooth Speaker with Power Bank and IPX5 Waterproof Rating


Philips BT6000C/37 Splash-Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With its carefully arranged drivers and passive radiators the Philips BT6000C/37 portable Bluetooth speaker delivers 360-degree audio, and splash-proof casing allows you to take your favorite music outdoors.

Philips Splash-Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker



iBackPack 2.0 Backpack Boasts Bluetooth Speaker, Hotspot, Power Bank and More

What do you want to get from your backpack? Not only just several compartments? Then take a look at iBackPack 2.0, its included Bluetooth speaker, hotspot, power bank and more accessories will bring you much more convenience during your trip.

iBackPack 2.0 Backpack with Bluetooth Speaker, Hotspot, Power Bank and More


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