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Neptor recently released a new power bank – NP028K. If you like this kind of flashlight-like design, let’s go on checking the portable battery charger.

Neptor NP028K Portable Battery Charger

Need a powerful battery charger to charge your AA/AAA batteries and offer the status of the batteries? Take a look at SkyRC NC2500 battery charger and analyzer, it may meet your requirements.

SkyRC NC2500 Bluetooth-Enabled AA/AAA Battery Charger and Analyzer

You can easily find out various practical battery chargers, but if you want a stylish way to charge your batteries, the following Powerchute battery charger may be more suitable for you.

Powerchute Battery Charger

We can search out all kinds of battery chargers on the Internet. But if you need a special one for girls, the Elecom An Ecol battery charger may be more suitable for you.

Elecom An Ecol Battery Charger for Girls

Recently we featured several nice backup battery packs for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but if you still worry the battery pack is out of juice on the go, maybe the Elecom portable battery charger is more suitable for you.

Elecom Portable Battery Charger for iPhone

Just as the name of the gadgets company, the portable USB battery charger is actually an useful thing.

Portable USB Battery Charger

No doubt, “the icon” power pack is an impressive iPhone external battery charger. Now it’s already been put into the market.

Power Pack iPhone External Battery Charger Available Now

As they say, it’s hard to please all. Except solar powered charger, we must introduce the normal portable battery charger such as the following one.

Portable Battery Charger for Your Laptops and USB devices