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Apparently you can’t put on the tiny Mark V Suitcase Armor, but if you need an emergency power source, the Iron Man Mark V Suitcase Armor backup battery will help you.

Iron Man Mark V Suitcase Armor Backup Battery

Apparently the keychain not only can put your keys together. If you also need a handy portable charger, the solar power bank keychain may be a nice solution.

The Solar Power Bank Keychain for iPhone

Those keychain friendly power banks provide a handy way to extend your smartphone’s battery life, but if you need more battery capacity, the Megalo Mini ultra portable charger may be a better option.

Megalo Mini Ultra Portable Charger with 1400mAh Backup Battery

Apparently a 2000mAh backup battery is not enough for your iPad Air. If you need more battery capacity, Juno Power’s Konnect Kolor portable charger may be a better option for you.

Juno Power Konnect Kolor Backup Battery

Dog & Bone has released a new protective case for iPhone 5/5s. If you want to add wireless charging or more battery life to your iPhone, the Backbone iPhone 5s case with wireless charger and backup battery may be suitable for you.

Dog & Bone Backbone iPhone 5s Case with Wireless Charger and Backup Battery

Need an ultra compact charger with decent battery capacity to charge your smartphone on the move? Take a look at Jackery Mini portable charger, it may be suitable for you.

Jackery Mini Portable Charger with 3200mAh Backup Battery

Forget your charging cable and power bank. LifeCHARGE’s InAir iPhone 5s battery case and wireless charger will bring you a handy wireless and on-the-go charging experience.

LifeCHARGE InAir iPhone 5s Battery Case and Wireless Charger

PhoneSuit recently released a new backup battery for iPhone and iPod. If you need to handily charge your iOS device on the move, the Flex XT pocket charger may be a nice solution.

PhoneSuit Flex XT Pocket Charger for iPhone and iPod