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Apparently that Lightsaber hasn’t enough power to feed your multiple mobile devices. If you want to charge more devices on the go, you may need the ProMini Star Wars Darth Vader backup battery to help you.

ProMini Star Wars Darth Vader Backup Battery

Apparently the lightsaber isn’t a suitable weapon, but it’s perfect to charge your mobile devices. If you’re a faithful fan of Star Wars, let’s go on checking the Darth Vader lightsaber backup battery.

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Backup Battery

We have introduced many nice portable power banks, but if you want a wireless way to charge your smartphone, the ARK portable wireless charger may be more suitable for you.

The ARK Portable Wireless Charger

The keychain not only organizes your keys, but also charges your smartphone on the go. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Power Boost keychain with backup battery.

The Power Boost Keychain with Backup Battery

Mophie has announced its revolution combination of backup battery, extra storage and protection for iPhone 5/5s during CES 2014. Let’s go on checking the space pack iPhone 5 battery case.

Mophie Space Pack iPhone 5 Battery Case with Extra Storage

Need a lightweight and compact way to charge your smartphone on the go? Take a look at JUMP, the backup battery with charging cable and organizer may be a suitable solution.

JUMP Backup Battery with Charging Cable and Organizer

Eton has announced several new gadgets at CES 2014. If you want a rugged portable speaker to play your favorite music, their Rukus II Bluetooth speaker with solar charger may be suitable for you.

Eton Rugged Rukus II Bluetooth Speaker with Solar Charger

Need an ultra-slim power bank to charge your iPad Air or laptop on the go? Take a look at Pinlo’s Power Slice, the backup battery may be suitable for you.

Pinlo Power Slice Backup Battery