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The iPhone 5s case not only feels the low battery life of your iPhone 5/5s, but also feel your mood. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Feeling Skin smart battery case.

The Feeling Skin Smart Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

Wireless tracker, backup battery, USB drive and phone charger, if the four functions are necessary for you, let’s go on checking GOKey tracking device.


GOKey Tracking Device with Backup Battery, Phone Charger and USB Drive


We have featured many excellent power banks, but if you need a small and larger capacity option to charge your MacBook, the fresh BatteryBox portable battery pack should be more suitable for you.

BatteryBox Portable Battery Pack with 12000mAh Capacity

Backup battery and wireless charging has worked together. Need the two features for your iPhone 5/5s or Galaxy S4? Let’s go on checking Theo Power wireless charger and battery case.

Theo Power Wireless Charger and Battery Case

We have introduced several stackable power banks, but if you need more new features such as attaching it to your smartphone with ease, the following Modulo expandable backup battery should draw your more attention.

Modulo Expandable Backup Battery

Apparently the “shield” can’t be used to fight against Captain’s foes, but you can use it to play music or charge your smartphone. Nice features? Let’s keep checking the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bluetooth speaker with backup battery.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Bluetooth Speaker with Backup Battery

Neptor recently released a new power bank – NP028K. If you like this kind of flashlight-like design, let’s go on checking the portable battery charger.

Neptor NP028K Portable Battery Charger

Need an ultra portable battery pack to charge your iPhone 5/5s on the go? Take a look at mophie’s power reserve, the backup battery with Lightning connector should suit for you.

Mophie Power Reserve Backup Battery with Lightning Connector