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It’s not a can of soft drink for you, but your smartphone must like the special drink. Why? Let’s go on checking the COI+ Power Mini Can backup battery.

COI+ Power Mini Can Backup Battery

We featured a tiny power bank that can be attached to your keychain. But if you need a relatedly large battery capacity, the TravelCard credit card-sized backup battery may be more suitable for you.

TravelCard A Credit Card-Sized Backup Battery

Some of us like ultra-slim iPhone 5 case, but how to extend the battery life of our iPhone 5/5s? Take a look at Jackery Leaf, the battery case may be a nice solution.

Jackery Leaf Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

How to extend the battery life of your iPad mini on the go? You can take a power bank with you or apply a battery case on your iPad mini such as the Mifi Power iPad mini case with 8000mAh backup battery with 3G capability.

Mifi Power iPad Mini Case with 8000mAh Backup Battery and 3G Capability

IDAPT has unveiled its latest modular backup battery – Modulo. If you want a more flexible charging way, the power bank may be more suitable for you.

IDAPT Modulo Modular Backup Battery

LEGO has teamed up with COL+ and released a customizable backup battery – Power Brick. If you like creating awesome models with LEGO bricks, the power bank should be able to catch your eyes.

COL+ LEGO Power Brick Customizable Backup Battery

You can easily find out many nice battery cases for iPhone 5/5s at our blog, but if you need a larger battery capacity, the IvySkin’s SmartCase Pro iPhone 5s case may be more suitable for you.

IvySkin SmartCase Pro Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

Need a reliable and secure power bank to charge your mobile devices during camping, hiking and more? Take a look at Limefuel Rugged, the water resistant backup battery may be a nice solution.

Limefuel Rugged Water Resistant Backup Battery