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Just Mobile recently released a new power bank. If you need an on-the-go way to charge your mobile devices, the Gum++ backup battery may be able to catch your eyes.

Just Mobile Gum++ Backup Battery

uNu recently announced a new backup battery integrated protective case for iPhone 5. If you need to conveniently charge your iPhone 5 on the go, the uNu DX iPhone 5 battery case may be able to meet your requirements.

uNu DX iPhone 5 Battery Case

Need a large-capacity power bank for your mobile devices at a summer camp? Take a look at SunStash portable solar charger, it may be able to meet your demands.

SunStash Portable Solar Charger

Finally the two practical USB gadgets have been combined together. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the super slim backup battery with USB drive.

The Super Slim Backup Battery with USB Drive

Braven has released its latest portable speakerBraven 850. If you want to stream your favorite music from your smartphone or charge your mobile device, the Bluetooth wireless speaker may be able to catch your eyes.

Braven 850 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

We have introduced many large-capacity power banks, but if you need a portable option, the following ultra compact backup battery may be more suitable for you.

The Ultra Compact Backup Battery

Power bank is able to extend your iPhone 5′s battery life while iPhone stand makes your device upright for handsfree entertaining. If you need both the functions, Power+Shell EX iPhone 5 battery case may be able to catch your eyes.

ODOYO Power+Shell EX iPhone 5 Battery Case

Don’t need a backup battery integrated protective case, but want to extend the battery life of your iPhone 5? You can use a power bank or check out Maxboost Fusion detachable iPhone 5 battery case.

Maxboost Fusion Detachable iPhone 5 Battery Case