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Neptor has released a new power bank series – NP056K. If you want to add bright color and design to your smartphone or tablet, the portable backup battery may be suitable for you.

Neptor NP056K Portable Backyp Battery

Sorry, the jerry can can’t be used to fuel your car, but if you need to charge your smartphone on the go, the tiny phone charger can help you.

Fuel Jerrycan Styled Tiny Phone Charger

LifeCHARGE has released a new LifeCHARGE battery case for iPhone 5/5s. Don’t miss any important calls when you’re on the go? Let’s go on checking the iPhone 5s case.

LifeCHARGE Battery Case For iPhone 5/5s

IvySkin has released SmartCase Air, an all-new battery case for iPhone 5/5e. If you need an ultra-slim iPhone 5s case with backup battery, the SmartCase Air may be suitable for you.

IvySkin SmartCase Air iPhone 5s Battery Case

Like hugging a pillow to enjoy your tablet or smartphone on the couch? But don’t forget to offer enough power for your mobile device using outlet or the Power Pillow with removable backup battery.

Power Pillow with Removable Backup Battery

Belkin has announced its latest power bank – Travel Power 9000. If you need a portable backup battery to feed your mobile devices on the go, let’s go on checking.


Mimoco has released its brand-new artistic power bank – mimoPower 2600. If you want an interesting way to charge your smartphone on the go, the backup battery may be more suitable for you.

Mimoco mimoPower 2600 Backup Battery

We have featured many nice portable power bank, but if you prefer multi functional options, the LumiVolt backup battery with built-in flashlight may be more suitable for you.

LumiVolt Backup Battery with Built-in Flashlight