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The Legend of Zelda Link’s Shield Backpack

The soft Hylian Shield can’t be used to block any magic or physical attack in The Legend of Zelda, but it’s our real world. The Link’s shield backpack is useful enough to hold your display essentials and show your Zelda pride.

The Legend of Zelda Link's Shield Backpack


RiutBag Backwards Backpack Keeps Your Valuables Securely On Your Back

We have seen lots of versatile backpacks, but if you need a more secure option that keeps your valuables securely on your back, you may like to view RiutBag, a stylish backpack featuring backwards design.

RiutBag Backwards Backpack


The Picnic Backpack Cooler Serves You a Perfect Picnic

With its generous internal space and tableware organizer, the backpack has been ready to serve you a perfect picnic, and built-in cooler keeps your food and snacks cool. Like the idea? Let’s keep going for the picnic backpack cooler.

Picnic Backpack Cooler


PaperJohn is an Eco-friendly Backpack-styled Shopping Bag

Countless plastic bags are destroying our environment. The best way to improve this situation is to reduce usage of plastic bags, so PaperJohn, a backpack-styled shopping bag was born to bring you an eco-friendly way to carry your groceries.

PaperJohn Eco-friendly Backpack-styled Shopping Bag


iBackPack Backpack Shows off Integrated Power Bank, Bluetooth Speaker, GPS Tracking System and More

iBackPack shows off many advanced features that make it not only help you organize your numerous items, but also bring you much convenience on the move. Sounds cool? Let’s go on for the backpack.

iBackPack Backpack with Power Bank, Bluetooth Speaker and GPS Tracking System


Speck MightPack Backpack Organizes and Mobilizes Your Tech Accessories

Speck recently released their first backpack series that includes MightPack and MightPack Plus. With some innovative features, the backpacks should better serve you to organize and mobilize your tech and mobile devices.

Speck MightPack Backpack


Scrubba Daypack Is A Backpack With Portable Washing Machine

Many of us like hiking, camping and adventure travels, but don’t forget to clean your dirty clothes anytime. Take a look at Scrubba daypack, the versatile backpack with portable washing machine will help you keep clean during your adventure.

Scrubba Backpack With Portable Washing Machine



Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Plush Backpack

Don’t worry, no matter what you do, the ill-tempered Rocket Raccoon won’t be angry, and with integrated backpack, the Rocket Raccoon can help you carry your essentials.

Rocket Raccoon Plush Backpack