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Movpak Backpack with Integrated Electric Skateboard

It’s hard to imagine that an electric skateboard can be integrated with a backpack, but Movpak has achieved the combination. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

Movpak Electric Skateboard Integrated Backpack


Marvel Stark Industrial Messenger Backpack with Light-up Arc Reactor

Did you know Iron Man also used the arc reactor equipped backpack? Want to be like him? Let’s go on for Marvel Stark Industrial messenger backpack.

Iron Man Inspired Messenger Backpack with Light-up Arc Reactor


The Venture Leather Backpack by This Is Ground

Need a premium and stylish backpack to hold your daily essentials? Take a look at This Is Ground’s Venture leather backpack, it should be a nice solution.

This Is Ground Venture Leather Backpack


Bobby Anti Theft Backpack Keeps Your Items Safe During Trips

With its cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures and secret pockets, XD Design’s Bobby anti theft backpack jeeps your items safe during your trips. Like the features or want to know more features? Let’s go ahead.

Bobby Anti Theft Backpack


The Modern Day Briefcase is a Stylish and Versatile Backpack

The Modern Day Briefcase gives us a stylish combination of backpack and high-end satchel, and the versatile design allows it to carry our numerous essentials. Like the idea? Let’s keep checking.

The Modern Day Briefcase Stylish and Versatile Backpack


iBackPack 2.0 Backpack Boasts Bluetooth Speaker, Hotspot, Power Bank and More

What do you want to get from your backpack? Not only just several compartments? Then take a look at iBackPack 2.0, its included Bluetooth speaker, hotspot, power bank and more accessories will bring you much more convenience during your trip.

iBackPack 2.0 Backpack with Bluetooth Speaker, Hotspot, Power Bank and More


Moshi Helios Laptop Backpack Boasts Stylish Design and Water-Repellent Coating

Moshi recently released its latest laptop backpacks- Helios and Helios Lite. With a stylish design and water-repellent coating, the two backpacks let you carry your essentials in style.

Moshi Helios Laptop Backpack



NES Game Console Inspired Backpack

We can’t use it to play those retro games, but I’ll be happy to use the NES game console inspired backpack to carry my essentials and some childhood memories.

NES Game Console Backpack