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Want to turn your car stereo into wireless speaker or handily charge your smartphone in your car? Take a look at Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth handsfree car kit with audio receiver and charger, it may be a nice solution.

Kinivo Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with Audio Receiver and Charger

Grace Digital recently released Grace Primo, a new wireless Internet radio adapter with wireless audio receiver. If you’re keen on various radio stations, the adapter may be suitable for you.

Grace Digital Primo Internet Radio Adapter with Wireless Audio Receiver

Motorola has also released its latest wireless audio receiver – Moto Stream. Want to turn your home speaker wireless for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet? The wireless receiver may be a nice solution.

Motorola Moto Stream Wireless Audio Receiver

Want to inject new technology into your existing hifi speaker system? Take a look at Pure’s Jongo A2, you may like to use the WiFi audio receiver to turn it into a wireless speaker system.

Pure Jongo A2 WiFi Audio Receiver

Sony has released XSPN1BT, its latest in-dash smartphone dock with NFC and CD player. Need a powerful entertainment system in your car? The dock may be a nice solution.

Sony XSPN1BT In-Dash Smartphone Dock with NFC and CD Player

Want to make your headphones compatible with Bluetooth? Take a look at Smartbean, the Bluetooth wireless audio receiver should be able to meet your requirements.

Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver

We have introduced a few practical Bluetooth audio receivers, but if you need a versatile option, the Gramofon wireless router and cloud jukebox should be able to draw your more attention.

Gramofon Wireless Router and Cloud Jukebox

Logitech has released a new wireless audio receiver. If you want to turn your premium wired speaker system into a wireless speaker, the Bluetooth receiver should be suitable for you.

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver