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We can use ThinkGeek’s iCade to fully enjoy those classic arcade games. Now we have another choice: Atari Arcade – Duo Powered. The portable arcade cabinet will bring Atari’s classic titles right to your iPad 2.

Atari Arcade Duo Powered Arcade Cabinet for iPad 2

It’s called Arcade 80’s Truck, but, apparently the inspiration didn’t come from a truck. Let’s go on checking the luxury arcade machine with iPod dock if you like it.

Luxury Arcade Machine with iPod Dock

Apparently it’s not the first iPad arcade cabinet. But for most fans of arcade games, this kind of arcade cabinet is never too much.

Yet Another iPad Arcade Cabinet

Have you remembered the iCade arcade cabinet for iPad? Unfortunately it’s just an unavailable gadget. But now a real iPad arcade cabinet has come.

Cardboard iPad Arcade Cabinet