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Just like our MacBook or iPhone, can you keep your iPad in the protection case forever? It’s impossible, so an exquisite iPad decal is very necessary for your Apple iPad.

iPad Decals

iKit Dura iPad Case

March 12, 2010 | In: Apple Gadgets

iKit Dura iPad Case

Recently, iKit released its latest iPad case for the upcoming Apple iPad.

Apple iPad

It’s really good news for those agog iPad fans. Apple has announced that its revolutionary product iPad is going to accept pre-orders today.

iPad be available soon

Most of us has asked the question about the release date of iPad. Now, it’s very clear, we have got the precise official answer

Notepod an iPad made with paper

The creative gadget is called Notepod+, which is shaped as a upcoming Apple iPad.

Apple iPad is coming soon

January 28, 2010 | In: Apple Gadgets

Apple Tablet iPad

I believe everyone on the Internet has known the exciting news by Jobs, no rumors, no guesses, Apple Tablet iPad will be released after about 60 days.