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Don’t want a bulky power bank to take too much space in your bag? Take a look at Carbon, the wrist watch with solar charger should be a batter solution for charging your smartphone on the go.

Carbon Watch with Solar Charger for Smartphone

MVMT Stylish Wrist Watch

July 17, 2013 | In: Watches

We have introduced many pretty cool wrist watches, but if you like minimalistic design, the following MVMT stylish wrist watch may be able to draw your more attention.

MVMT Stylish Wrist Watch

You can easily see time via your smartphone, but if you want a more stylish way, the Slab water resistant wood watch may be able to draw more attention.

The Slab Water Resistant Wood Watch

Don’t worry, the spinning TARDIS won’t bring you to unknown space, but if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, the wrist watch may be a suitable way to show you the time.

Doctor Who Spinning TARDIS Wrist Watch

You can search out many pretty cool wrist watches and smart watches at our blog, but if you like eco-friendly gadgets, the following Big Face Woody analog watch may be able to draw your more attention.

The Big Face Woody Analog Watch

Brass Sometimes Wrist Watch

December 25, 2012 | In: Watches

We featured several unique and interesting watches recently, but if you prefer elegant, minimalistic design, the following Brass Sometimes wrist watch may be more suitable for you.

Brass Sometimes Wrist Watch

We have featured some nice smart watches that allows you to use some practical applications and connect with your smartphone, but if you also want to control your watch, the Martian voice command wrist watch may be able to draw your more attention.

Martian Voice Command Wrist Watch

We know it’s not difficult to enjoy your various vinyl records using USB turntable. But if you also want to show your love to the vintage music player, the turntable metal wrist watch should be able to catch your eyes.

Turntable Metal Wrist Watch