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LEXON Tykho AM/FM Radio

December 2, 2013 | In: Cool Gadgets

You can use a practical radio app to enjoy various radio stations, but if you need a more stylish and intuitive way, the following LEXON Tykho AM/FM radio may be more suitable for you.

Lexon Tykho AM/FM Radio

Not only need a radio to enjoy various radio stations, but also want to play your favorite songs in a wireless way? Take a look at Tivoli’s Model One Bluetooth AM/FM radio, it should be able to meet your requirements.

Tivoll Model One AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth Technology

Want to enjoy your favorite radio stations on the beach, but worry that your radio runs out of juice? Take a look at Dynamo solar radio with hand crank, it should be meet your requirements.

Dynamo Solar Radio with Hand Crank

You can easily find out a radio that allows you to enjoy your favorite radio stations on your seaside holiday. But if you also need an easy way to charge your smartphone, Etón’s FRX3 emergency radio with backup battery should be more suitable for you.

Etón Eco-Friendly FRX3 Emergency Radio with Backup Battery

It’s right time to have a picnic. In addition to delicious food, enchanting music is very necessary for a perfect picnic. Of course, you need a nice music device such as the following Sangean U-3 portable AM/FM radio and speaker system.

Sangean U-3 Potable AM-FM Radio and Speaker System

You’re planing a wonderful picnic this weekend? Don’t forget a portable speaker and drink cooler for your favorite beverage. Of course, you can also pack the two items into one gadget. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Drink Cooler with Portable Speaker

Nowadays eco-friendly green energy is more and more welcome, of course it’s not only solar power, also including the power generated by ourselves. Want to power the AM/FM radio by yourself? Let’s go on checking.

Eco-friendly Hand Crank and Solar Powered Radio