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iLuv has recently released a new dock speaker – TimeShaker. If you need an audio companion for your iPhone 5/5s, the dock speaker with dual alarm clock may be suitable for you.

iLuv TimeShaker Dock Speaker with Dual Alarm Clock

Sorry, the USS Enterprise can’t take you to travel in the vast universe, but if you want a cool way to wake you up in the morning, the Star Trek USS Enterprise projection alarm clock may be able to catch your eyes.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

Sorry, the nixie tubes can’t be used to illuminate in your room, but if you need a cool way to see time, the Blub modern retro tube clock may be a nice solution.

Blub Modern Retro Tube Clock

Want a portable speaker to play your favorite music and wake you up every morning? Take a look at the wooden Bluetooth Click Clock with speaker, it may be a nice option.

The Wooden Bluetooth Click Clock with Speaker

Need a more comfortable and gentle way to wake you up? Take a look at Baboomi, the Bluetooth-enabled customizable alarm may catch your eyes.

Baboomi Bluetooth-Enabled Customizable Alarm

Want to handily charge your multiple mobile devices and enjoy beautiful music at the same time? Take a look at the docking station with 6 USB ports and stereo speakers, it may be able to meet your requirements.

The Docking Station with 6 USB Ports and Stereo Speakers

iHome released many nice portable Bluetooth speakers this year, but if you need more functions such as alarm clock, FM radio and etc, their new iBT97 Bluetooth wireless speaker may be more suitable for you.

iHome iBT97 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

We have features many interesting alarm clocks, but if you’re fan of Pokemon, the following Seiko Pikachu talking alarm clock may be able to draw your more attention.

Pokemon Pikachu Talking Alarm Clock