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Sora, the protagonist from Kingdom Hearts video game series wanted to get into your showcase and look for his friends. Could you agree his request? Let’s go on checking the Kingdom Heart II Play Arts Kai Sora action figure.

Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai Sora Action Figure

Can you imagine what Darth Vader would look like if he’s born in ancient Japan? Take a look at the Star Wars Samurai Darth Vader action figure, it’s a nice answer.

Star Wars Samurai Darth Vader Action Figure

We introduced Super Mario action figure several months ago, but apparently another important companion has been ignored, that’s the following S.H. Figuarts Luigi action figure.

S.H. Figuarts Luigi Action Figure

The titans are planning to invade your showcase. All you need to do is hire the two heroes to fight against those hungry titans. Nice plot? Let’s go on checking the two Attack on Titan action figures.

Attack on Titan Eren and Mikasa Action Figures

We have introduced two action figures based on the two iconic robots in Portal 2 video game, but if you need a more affordable version, the following Atlas and P-Body action figures may be suitable for you.

Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body Action Figures

The mecha from Titanfall has been ready to conquer your showcase. Give him the chance? Let’s go on checking the Play Arts Kai Atlas action figure with pilot.

Play Arts Kai Titanfall Atlas Action Figure with Pilot

How much time have you spent on Titanfall? If you’re a big fan of the popular first-person shooter video game, the following 20″ Atlas Titan action figure with 6″ pilot figure should also catch your eyes.

20" Titanfall Atlas Titan Action Figure with 6" Pilot Figure

Several days ago your superheroes defeated the archdevil from Diablo III, but the shadow form of Diablo will definitely make your heroes tremble. Curious, let’s go on checking the Diablo III deluxe scale shadow Diablo action figure.

Diablo III Deluxe Scale Shadow Diablo Action Figure