Super Mario Yoshi Paper Craft

Except Super Mario, which character in Super Mario video game series is your favorite? If you like the cute Yoshi, then the Yoshi paper craft is just for you.

Super Mario Yoshi Paper Craft

Strictly speaking, this Yoshi comes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl instead of Super Mario series. But apparently it’s also indispensable helper for Super Mario Bros. The cute Yoshi paper craft is designed by Nintendo Papercraft, a paper craft blog focusing on those characters in Nintendo video games. As we can see from the image, compared with some paper models at Gadgetsin, it’s a giant papercraft, so you have to carefully put all paper pieces together using glue. At last, let the cute dinosaur stand on your desk.

Super Mario Yoshi Paper Craft

Nintendo Papercraft has released the template of the Yoshi, so if you want to make the papercraft, get it back for further action. Additionally, here is another more interactive Super Mario themed paper craft.

Via Paperkraft touching Super Mario Yoshi Paper Craft Source

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bro you did a great job but tell me what kind of leaf you used was comun sheet or harder?

and you did a great job done very brm’ll try to do like this and post the link to see you won