Sticky App Post-it Notes

We have to first say it’s not an iPhone or iPad app, but if you like using these official Apple apps, the following Sticky App post-it notes should be able to catch your eyes.

Sticky App Post-it Notes

Sticky App is a unique sticky note series based on the icons of those official Apple apps, and available in six famous iPhone apps, including Mail, Messages, Calendar, Contact, Notepad, and Clock. As we can see from the images, each sheet of Sticky App post-it note features perfect details and accurate colors from the original icon, even and the iconic round corners. Of course, you can’t use them like those real iPhone apps, but these sticky notes will remind you of important dates, days, messages and more in an iOS way. Apart from that, each pack of Sticky App has 50 sheets of app icons.

Sticky App Post-it Notes

Sticky App post-it notes pack is available in six iPhone apps, each pack is priced at $3 USD. If you’re interested, jump to connect design for more details.

Sticky App Post-it Notes

Additionally, if you need other options, you might like to check the ninja themed sticky notes and more via “sticky notes” tag.

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Anywhere that is in English ?

Cole Odom

Please email me a link or web address as to where I can purchase the apple app post it notes. I love them!