SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Game Controller

SteelSeries has changed the name of Ion wireless controller, and released the mobile wireless game controller. Now it’s called Free.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Game Controller

The Free is a portable wireless game controller that measures 108 x 55 x 20mm and weights 54g, and designed for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms. As we can see from the images, the game controller features portable, sleek design, and comes with dual analog sticks, a D-pad, four facing buttons and two shoulder buttons in order that you can fully enjoy those fast-paced, action-packed games, while the built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to connect the wireless controller to your smartphone, tablet or computer with ease. Moreover, its rechargeable battery offers you over 10 hours of non-stop, wireless play. Apart from that, using the PC version of SteelSeries Engine, you can also remapping and configure the game controller.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Game Controller
SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Game Controller

SteelSeries Free mobile wireless controller is priced at $79.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to SteelSeries official site for more details or check out the following demo video first.

Additionally, if you need other options, you might like to check Duo Gamer game controller and more via “game controller” tag.

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Cho hyun seung
Hello, We, Avantis, have been developing a game device and are going to launch this product around the end of this year for UK, EU, and US markets. We are now searching for a consol with the game device. 1. Our game device: Andriod 4.0 (ICS) based game device for TV 2. Required Consol A. Consol with 2.4GHz wireless connectivity B. Design type: Pad We need to know. 1. Product description and spec to satisfy the requirement stated above 2. Estimated price 3. Mass production possible? 4. Delivery time 5. Can you provide samples as soon as possible if you… Read more »