Springbar Highline Canvas Tents

It’s time to plan a great camping trip with your family, but at first you need a tent such as Springbar Highline canvas tents. Curious? Let’s continuum checking.

Springbar Highline Canvas Tents

The Highline tent series is available in two models: Highline 8 and Highline 6 for different families. When set up, the Highline 8 measures 10′ x 14′ and another is 10 x 10′. Both tents delivers a standing height of 6.5 feet and a decent footprint for a comfortable livable interior space.

Springbar Highline Canvas Tents

The two camping tents feature a gorgeous vintage camp design, and the quality craftsmanship and materials create a sturdy and comfortable shelter for any camping trip. The tents are built with premium quality Hardyduck Canvas. The 100% cotton, tightly woven army duck treated material is water resistant and mold/mildew prevention. Meanwhile, it’s highly breathable to eliminate mugginess and condensation.

Furthermore, the unique proven sewing construction prevents leaking for a durable and long-lasting construction, and Springbar’s exclusive wire stake loops have been wrapped around a high-strength rope in the floor for an enhanced durability.

The Highline 6 canvas tent is priced at $599 USD, and the Highline 8 costs $699 USD. If you’re interested, head to Springbar official site for its more details.

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