Sony Walkman iPhone 4 Decal

Sony Walkman, the famous cassette player has been stopped selling by Sony recently. But we have other ways to honor the classical product such as the Sony Walker iPhone 4 decal.

Sony Walkman iPhone 4 Decal

Just as we see from the image, the funky iPhone 4 decal is capable of disguising your iPhone 4 as a classical Sony Walkman. All you need to do is apply the full-color vinyl decal on the backing of the iPhone 4, and show your friends how classical the unique Sony Walkman is.

The Sony Walkman iPhone 4 decal is priced at $6 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for more details. By the way, you can also disguise your iPhone 4 as classical Transformer or a tear-down iPhone 4.

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