SmartHalo Turns Your Bike into a Smart Bike

We can utilize OBD II port and an adapter to turn a car into smart car, but how to turn a bike without any interface into a smart bike? That’s what SmartHalo has solved.

SmartHalo Converts Your Bike into Smart Bike

The SmartHalo is an innovative and advanced smart biking device that works well with any bicycle. The smart device measures 81 x 67 x 67mm (clip included), and as shown in the images, it sports a low-profile and compact design, and using its unique military-grade locking system, the SmartHalo can permanently stay in the center of the handlebar of your bike to assist you during biking.

SmartHalo utilizes Bluetooth technology to wirelessly communicate with your smartphone. Using its custom application, you can easily set you destination, then put your phone in your pocket, your smart bike will guide you to the place via its unique LED halo powered turn-by-turn navigation system.

SmartHalo Converts Your Bike into Smart Bike

The smart biking device also features multiple built-in sensors, so it works as a bike friendly fitness tracker that can automatically track your progress once you start pedaling, including time, distance, average speed, calories turned, elevation and route. And all tracking data can intuitively display on your smartphone. You even can set fitness goal in the app, and the LED halo will show you the progress on your handlebar in real time.

Furthermore, the LED halo light can be used to notify you of incoming calls without interference from street noise and road vibration. And using built-in motion sensor, the SmartHalo monitors any unauthorized attempt to move your bike, and triggering an alarm to scare the thief off, but it recognizes your phone. When you approach your bike, it deactivates.

SmartHalo Converts Your Bike into Smart Bike

In addition to its unique LED halo, SmartHalo also features a smart night light that can turn on automatically when night falls. When your ride is finished, the night light turns off on its own, and 250-lumen brightness lets you securely ride on the road at night. In addition, its unique, military-grade locking system ensures the smart device permanently stays on the handlebar of your bike, and it withstands the world’s harshest urban environments. Apart from that, its rechargeable battery offers two weeks of usage.

SmartHalo Converts Your Bike into Smart Bike

SmartHalo has been available for preorder on Kickstarter. Pledging $131 will let you own the smart biking device. It will be shipped in May next year.

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