Smarter WiFi-Enabled Smart Coffee Machine

With the smart device, you can use your smartphone to make a cup of coffee, and when you get up, your favorite coffee is waiting for you. Sounds great? Let’s go on for Smarter smart coffee machine.

Smarter WiFi-Enabled Smart Coffee Machine

The Smarter is a convenient and practical smart coffee machine that shows off a modern and sleek design in order to decently stand on your kitchen counter, office desk or bedside table. Using built-in WiFi connectivity, the smart coffee machine is capable of wirelessly connecting with your smartphone or tablet, so you can remotely control the coffee machine using custom app, brewing your favoring coffee. Moreover, you can easily adjust the strength of time coffee between strong, medium and week, and built-in timer lets you set reminders for hot and fresh coffee. Apart from that, the smart coffee machine also comes with integrated coffee grinder and its 1.5 litre capacity with built-in water level allows to brew up to 12 cups at once.

Smarter WiFi-Enabled Smart Coffee Machine

The Smarter smart coffee machine is priced at $228.79 USD. If you like it, head to Firebox online store for more details.

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