Samurai Borg Motion-Controlled Robot Warriors

It’s a duel between two rivals in order to decide who will be the leader of all-new Avengers team in your home. Have you been ready to hold up your “sword”? Sound pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the Samurai Borg motion-controlled robot warriors.


The Samurai Borg is a set of interesting RC robots inspired by Samurai warriors of ancient Japan. The RC toy set contains two remote controlled robots, each one measures 8.7 x 6.3 x 3.3 inches, and as shown in the images, each mini robot is shaped as a samurai warrior in red or blue plastic armor, and in its hands there is a “sharp” katana that is ready to slice its rival. Moreover, each RC robot comes with a motion controller shaped as samurai sword handle so you can intuitively control the samurai robot to fight just like wielding a real Katana by yourself, and each Samurai robot has a bamboo target for practice. Apart from that, each RC robot is powered by 4 AA batteries. Charging 20 minutes provides 10 minutes of battle.


The Samurai Borg motion controlled robot warrior set is priced at $141 USD. If you like them, jump to Japan Trend Shop for more details or take a look at the following demo video first.

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