Rocketbook Microwavable Notebook Syncs Notes to Your Cloud Storage

Want a simple way to digitize your notes handwriting notes and sync them to your cloud services? Take a look at Rocketbook, the microwavable notebook should be a nice solution.

Rocketbook Microwavable Notebook Syncs Notes to Your Cloud Storage

The Rocketbook is an innovative and pretty useful notebook that measures 8-1/2 x 11 inches. As we can see from the images, each page of the notebook features seven unique icons at the bottom. Each icon represents a cloud service or your email, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs. Just marking an icon and using a custom app, you can easily convert your handwritten notes and drawing into digital images and store them in the specific cloud services you have chosen. Moreover, each page features a dot grid pattern that is perfect for text notes, sketches and designs, and when you use Pilot FriXion pens, you can effortlessly erase entire Rocketbook by heating it in a microwave oven.

The crowdfunding campaign for Rocketbook is in progress. You can pledge $25 to preorder a 50-sheet Rocketbook notebook with a FriXion black pen. If you’re interested, head to Indiegogo official site for more detailed description.

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