RhinoWolf All-In-One Modular Camping Tent System

Tent, air-mattress and sleeping bag has been integrated in Rhino all-in-one modular camping tent system. Curious about the features of the outdoor sleeping system? Let’s continue checking.

RhinoWolf All-In-One Modular Camping Tent System

RhinoWolf is a versatile and flexible camping tent system that consists of one or more connectible RhinoWolfs. When packed, the RhinoWolf features an ultra compact form factor and only weights 5.5 lbs (2.5kg), so you can effortlessly take it with you for any outdoor adventure.

RhinoWolf consists of a RhinoWolf shell, an aid mattress and a sleeping bag. The shell is made from 15 denier thick 2000mm nylon ripstop material with silicone on both sides for a durable construction, and it’s wind proof and rain proof. Meanwhile, using its super-strong pole spine design, the modular tent delivers a comfortable and ample living zone, and the double wide door design provides enhanced airflow.

RhinoWolf All-In-One Modular Camping Tent System

The RhinoWolf air mattress features an ergonomic body-mapped V chamber shape that allows it to stably hold every camper. Furthermore, its sleeping bag comes in three models: 150g duck down, 375g duck down, and 560g duck down, and integrated zipper lets you comfortably sleep in the blanket-like sleeping bag.

More importantly, you can connect multiple RhinoWolfs to create a larger tent in order to accommodate a big family. Using the door of each tent, the tent system delivers multiple private living sections.

The team behind RhinoWolf is raising fund for the modular tent via Indiegogo. You can pledge $269 to preorder the tent with an air mattress, a sleeping bag, 6 anchoring pegs and a carry bag. The modular tent kit expected to be shipped in November 2017.

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