QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

It’s not a useless stone but a versatile backup battery for your mobile devices. If up you like the interesting design, let’s go on checking the following QiStone+ wireless power bank.

QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

The QiStone+ is a unique and practical portable USB charger that measures 105 x 72 x 20mm and weights 135g. As we can see from the images, the portable charger is shaped like a natural stone, and each QuStone+ features different stone texture. Moreover, the power bank comes equipped with a 4000mAh backup battery inside, with the help of its integrated Qi technology, QiStone+ wirelessly charges those Qi-enabled smartphones just like a wireless charger, while an additional USB charging port has also been ready to feed other mobile devices.

QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

The QiStone+ wireless power bank is priced at £44.99 GBP (approx $75 USD). If you’re interested, jump to Fonesalesman official site or TouchOfModern online store for more details.

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