ProtectPax Liquid Screen Protector for Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras and More

ProtectPax liquid screen protector drivers a universal way to protect the screens of your various mobile devices so you don’t have to purchase various screen protectors for your smartphone, tablet and other devices. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

ProtectPax Liquid Screen Protector

The ProtectPax is a convenient and easy-to-apply liquid screen protector that works with the screens of various mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and more. Unlike regular screen protectors that need to be accurately aligned with your device’s screen, the ProtectPax liquid glass can be more easily applied on your device. All you need to do is just clean the screen with included cleaning cloth, then put the liquid glass on the screen and spread it with a cloth. After ten minutes, using an included soft microfiber cloth you can polish the screen protector until the treated glass shines.

Using modern nanotechnology, the liquid glass makes your smartphone screen up to six times harder and has the highest hardness on the Mohs scale (9H). After applied, the liquid screen protector guards the screen from scratches, bumps and water splashes for up to 12 months.

ProtectPax Liquid Screen Protector

Furthermore, when exposed to UV light, the nanoparticles of the protective layer ionize, producing active oxygen, which acts as a bacteria inhibitor. Meanwhile, the nanoparticles also decompose fat molecules that protect the surface from fingerprints.

Moreover, the liquid screen protector is capable of reducing the phone’s electronic smog output by almost 93 percent, so you won’t worry about electromagnetic radiation affecting your health. In addition, the liquid glass nanotechnology doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the touchscreen.

The ProtectPax has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $15 to preorder the liquid screen protector. It will be shipped in April 2017.

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Pascal Buchen

Just check it! would be great if you update the video they uploaded a new one.


sanjay srikonda

It would sure be helpful if you guys didn’t just parrot the press releases of unreleased and unfunded projects. There have been numerous products on indiegogo that have never come to fruition. Yet, instead of putting in the necessary caveats such as, “It is PLANNED to be shipped in April 2017”. You write that it as a fait accompli that the product is funded and done. The current funding is at 17% with a month left to go. Come on guys, do some REAL writing and don’t just copy/paste.

First clarification I never did copy/paste. Of course, it’s impossible for us to try all products that have been on gadgetsin so we have to write based on the descriptions offered by official manufacturer, inventors or designers. Meanwhile, all of gadgets posted on gadgetsin are based on our interesting and preferences. There is no sponsored post on the blog. Many of crowdfunding projects on Indiegogo use “flexible goal”. Based on it, we didn’t write “if reaching its funding goal” because they will receive all funding and have an obligation to ship according to what they have said on their campaign… Read more »