Powerchute Battery Charger

You can easily find out various practical battery chargers, but if you want a stylish way to charge your batteries, the following Powerchute battery charger may be more suitable for you.

Powerchute Battery Charger

The Powerchute is a well-designed cell battery charging station that measures 140 x 80 x 70mm. As we can see from the images, the charging station features stylish minimalistic design, and is able to store up to 6 dead batteries and charge up to 4 batteries, when finished, the battery charger dispenses its contents individually to hold you to your new commitment to battery conservation, moreover, the battery charger also features built-in strain release for the cord, and its small footprint saves space on your desk.

Powerchute Battery Charger
Powerchute Battery Charger

At present the Powerchute battery charger is earning influence via answering pricing questions. If you’re interested, jump to Quirky official site for more details.

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Moayed Honi

doesn’t look that it can charge different battery sizes. thanks but I’ll stick to my nitecore I4 charger that can charge all sizes.