Post-It Printer

You’ve been tired of traditional paper sticky notes? Of course you can use various reminder apps, and also don’t miss the post-it printer.

Post-It Printer

The innovative post-it printer is designed by Korean designer Dongyeon Kim. Just like a cross-platform application, you can add notes or reminders into your to-do list on your computer or iPhone, and print it with the post-in printer, and then same as sticky notes, you can conveniently stick it on your fridge door.

Post-It Printer

Unfortunately, the innovative post-it printer is still on the stage of design concept. If you need some available options, you might like to check the floppy disk sticky notes.

Post-It Printer Source

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  • James Watson

    I need this now.

    • kaka

      is it available in the market now..?

      • Daniel

        Nope, it’s just a design concept at present.

        • ron

          where can i cantact Dongyeon Kim ?

          • Hello Ron,

            I searched around the web, but I haven’t found his personal website or social network. I’m sorry.