Pong Rugged iPhone 5 Case

We have introduced lots of nice protective cases for iPhone 5, but if you want to effectively reduce radiation exposure from your smartphone, the Pong Rugged iPhone 5 case may be more suitable for you.

Pong Rugged iPhone 5 Case

This is a unique and practical protective case designed for iPhone 5. As we can see from the images, the iPhone 5 case features slim form-fitting design, and comes with a built-in patented, wafer-thin antenna in order to direct cellular energy towards the back and away from your head and body, and reducing exposure to radiation by up to 90% below international safety limits. Moreover, its durable construction and raised edges protects your iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches, apart from that, the custom openings allow you access to all functions and buttons. After the break, check out the following demo video.

Pong Rugged iPhone 5 case is available in 4 colors, each one is priced at $69.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Pong Research official site for more details.

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