Perler Beads GameBoy Fridge Magnets

Why did Nintendo think of releasing a group of colorful Game Boy portable game consoles like the following perler beads fridge magnets? The Gameboy would possibly have sold better if it had been done.

Perler Beads Game Boy Fridge Magnets

Just as we see, these fridge magnets are some perler beads creations. Each fridge magnet is shaped as the classical Nintendo Game Boy portable game console, and features beautiful matching colors. Apart from that, the little Game Boy measures 2 x 3 inches, and comes with two strips of magnets on the back.

Perler Beads Game Boy Fridge Magnets

The perler beads Game Boy fridge magnet is available in a rainbow of colors and classical grey with red buttons, each fridge magnet costs $2.5 USD. If you like the perler beads creation, jump to Etsy for more details. Of course, you can make it by yourself if you also like perler beads.

Perler Beads Game Boy Fridge Magnets

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