Paperlike is a 13.3-Inch E-ink Computer Display

It’s no good staring at a LCD screen for a long time, so Paperlike, a 13.3-inch E-ink computer display was born to help you protect your eyes from the harmful bluelight emitted by LCD display.

Paperlike 13.3-Inch E-ink Computer Display

The Paperlike is the world’s first E-ink computer monitor with a 13.3-ink 4:3 screen. As we can see from the images, the E-ink display shows off a low-profile and portable appearance, so you can place it on your desk or put it in your bag, and using its portable stand, you can set it up as a main or secondary display for work at any time.

Paperlike 13.3-Inch E-ink Computer Display

The E-ink computer display features up to 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution, and it allows you to choose starting from 800 x 600 pixels resolution, so Paperlike works with various desktop computers and laptops. Meanwhile, unlike eReaders, the E-ink display features a very high refresh rate and low latency, which enables it to be fast enough for smooth word processing, tables, coding, web browsing and more.

Paperlike 13.3-Inch E-ink Computer Display

Furthermore, Paperlike has four image modes including proprietary A5 and FLOYD Algorithm modes which deliver highly detailed images with fast speeds, and smart quick blink prevents the strong flashing from eReaders. Moreover, you can also adjust contrast and grayscale to adapt various applications, and the E-ink display is powered via USB cable, so you don’t need an extra power cable.

The Paperlike has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $799 to preorder the 13.3-inch E-ink computer display. It will be shipped in August this year.

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