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Apparently it’s not the first iPad arcade cabinet. But for most fans of arcade games, this kind of arcade cabinet is never too much.

Yet Another iPad Arcade Cabinet

As a biggest fan of Star Wars, you may want to keep your favorite character in Star Wars with you. Obviously the Star Wars phone flashers can help you if you like stormtrooper or Darth Vader.

Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Phone Flashers

After Apple released the latest iPhone 4, the famous peripherals manufacturer Speck unveiled its upcoming iPhone 4 cases.

Speck Unveiled iPhone 4 Cases

Space Invaders are hiding in your beverage. The only solution is to eat them in one swallow. Apparently the Space Invaders ice cube tray gives you a chance to protect your home.

Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray

Vaja unveiled its latest iPhone 4 leather cases about two weeks ago. Now the first Vaja iPhone 4 case called classic Retro Slim Bag has been available.

Vaja iPhone 4 Classic Retro Slim Bag-Style Case

No doubt, this is the most lightweight iPad stand which we have ever seen. If you like the flexible portable iPad stand, let’s go on checking.

M-Edge Flexible portable iPad Stand

We know it’s not the suitable season for the hoodie. But the LimbGear iHood interactive hoodie is really very unique, because it can interact with your iPhone,iPod or other portable devices.

LimbGear iHood Interactive Hoodie

Undoubtedly the Space Invaders doesn’t only appear on the vintage arcade game. You can summon these cute invaders through various ways such as the following Space Invaders lamp shade.

Space Invaders Lamp Shade