Do you like creating various incredible models with LEGO bricks? If yes, you should like the LEGO style Rotating 360° power outlet.

LEGO Style Rotating 360° Power Outlet

VogDUO Green Wall USB Charger

December 23, 2010 | In: USB Gadgets

How did you feel about the former USB travel charger? If you feel not suitable for you, let’s go on checking the upcoming VogDUO green wall USB charger.

VogDUO Green Wall USB Charger

Apparently Darth Vader iPhone 4 case has yet to be released officially, but if you can’t wait, the Star Wars Darth Vader iPhone 4 decal should be able to show your dark side on your iPhone 4.

Star Wars Darth Vader iPhone 4 Decal

Most people use Canon DSLR camera to capture fantastic scenes, while some people use it as a money bank. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Canon DSLR Camera Money Bank

Just yesterday we introduced a mini speaker integrated MP3 player and FM radio. But if you feel it too small, let’s go on checking Aluratek BUMP MP3/ FM radio boombox with wireless speaker.

Aluratek BUMP MP3/ FM Radio Boombox with Wireless Speaker

Just like an octopus’ tentacle, the attachable extended battery can not only attach to your iPhone or iPod, but also feed your device.

Octopus Attachable Extended Battery for iPhone and iPod

Just like iPhone, iPad or other digital devices, DSLR camera also need a protective case for its precious body. Then let’s go on checking the armor for camera.

Protect Your DSLR Camera with Camera Armor

Have you found out a suitable case to armor your precious Samsung Galaxy Tab? Not yet? Let’s go on checking Belkin Verve Folio Stand Galaxy Tab leather case.

Belkin Verve Folio Stand Galaxy Tab Case