This is the second giant Gundam model made out of paper. And apparently this cardboard model is larger than the Freedom Gundam paper craft.

Amazing Giant Freedom Gundam Cardboard Model

We introduced iDesign iPad docking station one month ago. If you feel it a bit large, you may like to check the iDesign portable iPad dock speaker.

iDesign Portable iPad Dock Speaker

Don’t think operating Millennium Falcon in Star Wars is a difficult thing. Now just using your fingers, you can drive the most famous spacecraft in Star Wars series. Of course, it’s just a USB flash drive.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon USB Flash Drive

Some people use DSLR camera to capture beautiful scenes and wonderful life, while some people use it to enjoy favorite music. That’s DSLR camera shaped USB speaker.

DSLR Camera Shaped USB Speaker

Apparently the program from Tron Legacy has hacked into whole Disney system. Many cartoon characters by Disney have put on Tron costumes.

Tron Styled Disney Cartoon Characters

For those faithful fans of The Beatles, this is absolutely the best apple in the world, because the apple shaped USB flash drive holds all songs from The Beatles’ 14 stereo titles.

The Beatles Apple Shaped USB Flash Drive

We can use a digital camera to take thousands of photos nowadays, but there are still some people loving retro camera like Polaroid camera. For those people, Flutter In Pinhole paper disposable camera may catch their eyes.

Flutter In Pinhole Paper Disposable Camera Design Concept

500XL Giant Earbud Speakers

December 28, 2010 | In: Speakers

Do you feel earbuds are too small to let you fully enjoy music? But when you see the 500XL giant earbud speakers, your mind may be changed.

500XL Giant Earbud Speakers