We’ve introduced two iPhone 4 skins and a homemade iPhone 4 case themed by GameBoy, now a new Game Boy iPhone 4 case has been available.

iPWN Game Boy iPhone 4 Case

LEGO Pokemon Monsters

October 9, 2010 | In: Toys

Many people, especially girls and kids like those cute Pokemon monsters. Apparently if you’re a fan of Pok√®mon and LEGO bricks, you will love the following LEGO Pokemon models.

LEGO Pokemon Monsters

After a long waiting, Case-Mate finally released its custom iPhone 4 case. If you prefer self-designed iPhone 4 case, let’s go on checking the new service by Case-Mate.

Case-Mate Custom iPhone 4 Case Now Available

One question, which one do you pick between a real V8 engine and the following V8 engine computer case mod? Of course, both items can’t be sold. As a computer geek, I will choice the ultra cool case.

V8 Engine Computer Case Mod

We’ve introduced two iPhone 4 cases with battery packs. Now we found out the third one: Energizer AP1201 PowerSkin iPhone 4 case with external battery.

Energizer AP1201 PowerSkin iPhone 4 Case with External Battery

How to start your new year? For those who love killing zombies in video games, the Build-a-Zombie paper craft 2011 calendar should be able to spend all zombie time with you through 2011.

Zombie Paper Craft 2011 Calendar

It’s very hard to believe that you didn’t use Etch A Sketch. Never mind, the Etch A Sketch iPad case will let you familiarize the well-known mechanical drawing toy.

Headcase Etch A Sketch iPad Case

Are you still thinking about buying a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet as your Halloween costume? Take a look at the milk jug Stormtrooper helmet, apparently that’s not necessary.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Built with Milk Jug