Apparently it’s not an old Chevrolet, but a retro designed CD and USB audio system called SL-D920 by TEAC. Want an unique way to enjoy your music, let’s go on checking.

Chevrolet Styled TEAC SL-D920 Audio System

Apparently the two cute game character should be spotted together. So after introducing Pacman, it’s Ms Pacman’s turn. Let’s go on checking the fantastic Ms Pacman cake.

Fantastic Ms Pacman Cake

Earlier this year, we introduced the Humping Robot action figure keychain. Now the Robot Chicken themed robot action figure keychain is finally available.

Robot Chicken Humping Robot Action Figure Keychain

We’ve seen a pair of silver cufflinks doubled as USB flash drives. But apparently for fashionistas, the following exquisite cufflinks may be more suitable.

Exquisite USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

We’ve introduced two watch bands for iPod nano 6g. Now HEX released another iPod nano watch band. But the band looks more colorful.

HEX iPod Nano 6G Watch Band

Many of us have had an experience of drinking water via tap. Apparently it’s a rare person that can drink the water like the following people who is using Tapi by Dreamfarm.

Dreamfarm Tapi Truns Tap into Convenient Drinking Fountain

We’ve introduced many gadgets themed by Pacman, the cute character from the retro arcade game. Unfortunately the Pacman twinbell clock was left out. Now let’s go on checking the fun alarm clock.

Pacman Twinbell Clock 30th Anniversary Special Edition

Are you looking for an elegant business card holder for your walnut desk? Perhaps the following business card box could be suitable for you.

Wooden Business Card Holder