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It’s called Arcade 80′s Truck, but, apparently the inspiration didn’t come from a truck. Let’s go on checking the luxury arcade machine with iPod dock if you like it.

Luxury Arcade Machine with iPod Dock

Super Mario Yahtzee Dice Game

July 19, 2010 | In: Toys

Apparently Yahtzee dice game is not the popular game. But anyway, as a geek, you might like to take a crack at the Super Mario themed Yahtzee dice game.

Super Mario Yahtzee Dice Game

It’s a set of eco-friendly wooden iPad case and stand. For many new iPad owners, it should be a nice set of iPad accessories.

Bamboo Wooden iPad Case and Stand

We can say it’s a wonderful replica of retro Nintendo NES video game console, but the replica lacks the core of NES, so it’s just a sculpture for the spare space on your desktop.

Handmade Wooden Nintendo NES

It’s not the first iPhone/iPod dock that cooperates closely with the exclusive free application, but we believe It’s the first one that can play slots online.

Jackpot Slots iPhone/iPod Dock

Why did Nintendo think of releasing a group of colorful Game Boy portable game consoles like the following perler beads fridge magnets? The Gameboy would possibly have sold better if it had been done.

Perler Beads Game Boy Fridge Magnets

No doubt, the solution by Steve Jobs is fail. So we have to search some effective ways to address the iPhone 4 reception problem such as Antenn-aid, an exclusive iPhone 4 band-aid.

Antenn-aid: Exclusive Band-aid for iPhone 4

Don’t be so dismissive of those recycled electric wires. In designer’s opinion, they are the most beautiful wire jewelry such as the electric wire ring.

Electric Love Ring Made by Recycled Wire