Griffin AirStrap iPad Case

December 22, 2010 | In: Apple Gadgets

How did you hold your iPad? your hand or a iPad stand? If you want to securely hold your iPad with hand, let’s check Griffin AirStrap iPad case.

Griffin AirStrap iPad Case

ZIIIRO Gravity Watch Collection

December 21, 2010 | In: Watches

Vibrant color plus modern design, if the two features of ZIIIRO Gravity watch collection is quite to your taste, let’s go on checking.

ZIIIRO Gravity Watch Collection

We’ve introduced three types of Motz mini speakers. Apparently Motz is still improving all the time. Now let’s go on checking its latest wooden portable speaker doubled as MP3 player.

Motz Wooden Mini Speaker Doubled as MP3 Player

We like handmade gadgets and eco-friendly gadgets. Now the two elements were integrated into the iPod/ iPhone dock, apparently we must do some writing.

Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPod Dock

Apparently a pair of common USB gloves doesn’t suit every geek’s taste. So we picked up the Thanko ninja styled USB heated gloves, want to be a ninja using computer? Let’s go on checking.

Thanko Ninja Styled USB Warming Gloves

Incase Sling Pack Camera Bag

December 21, 2010 | In: Cool Gadgets

We’ve introduced three nice camera bags. If you have yet to find your favorite one, let’s go on checking the Incase Sling Pack camera bag.

Incase Sling Pack Camera Bag

We know no one want to see the iconic fail whale appears on the Twitter’s home page. But for many Twitter fans, you shouldn’t mind the fail whale styled money band on your desk.

Twitter Fail Whale Styled Money Bank

Do you want to become an office star? If yes, let’s go on checking the fun building block style calculator. But note that don’t forget to get it back from your colleague.

Building Block Styled Calculator