Apparently for those who like reading via ebook reader, a practical book light is very necessary such as the LED book light doubled as bookmark.

LED Book Light Doubled as Bookmark

Sackboy Computer Gear Action Figure

January 15, 2011 | In: Toys

LittleBigPlanet 2 video game is about to release. Apparently our Sackboy will be back soon, but if you can’t wait, let’s go on checking the Sackboy Computer Gear action figure.

Sackboy Computer Gear Action Figure

How to celebrate an Angry Birds big fan’s birthday? Apparently a geek cake themed by Angry Birds is very necessary. Check out the edible Angry Birds cake toppers, undoubtedly they will help you gain a true Angry Birds birthday cake.

Edible Angry Birds Cake Toppers

You have gotten your own iPod nano 6G? If you want to turn your iPod nano into stylish watch, let’s go on checking iWatchz G Collection iPod nano 6G wristband.

iWatchz Q Collection iPod Nano 6G Wristband

Which kind of tea bag is your favorite, yellow submarine or the cute yellow rubber duckie? If you prefer the later, let’s go on checking.

Yellow Rubber Duckie Tea Bag

Want to use your iPhone 4 to take photos under water? Check out the InonoPocket Amphibian iPhone 4 case. For now, it’s the only case to solve the problem.

InonoPocket Amphibian Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Rocketfish Advanced Series iCapsule iPad keyboard case looks really like a portable netbook, but the inner screen has been replaced by smaller iPad.

Rocketfish Advanced Series iCapsule iPad Keyboard Case

Which flavor of chocolate is your favorite, strawberry, dark, milk, or coffee? Based on your taste, picking up the favorite one from the four chocolate styled solar powered calculators.

Chocolate Styled Solar Powered Calculator