Have you remembered that impressive Chobi mini camera series? Now JTT released a new DSLR camera shaped mini camcorder named Chobi Cam One.

DSLR Camera Shaped Chobi Cam One Mini Camcorder

What did you use to improve your skills as Jedi Knight? Apparently, an expensive lightsaber doesn’t fit these kind of exercise, so you may need a Mashoonga! foam saber.

Mashoonga! Foam Saber for Your Lightsaber Practice

Have you found out a suitable dock speaker for your iPhone or iPod touch? Not yet? If you like eco-friendly woodwork, let’s go on checking the handmade wooden iPod dock speaker.

Handmade Wooden iPod Dock Speaker

Fuzzy Wuzzy Camera Case

January 20, 2011 | In: Digital Camera

Fuzzy Wuzzy isn’t a camera, but a camera like camera case, so if you wish your camera case looks like a camera, let’s go on checking.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Camera Case

As we had seen, Iron Man’s travel suit – Mark V armor didn’t get too many chances to show itself in Iron Man 2. If you like the portable suit, you may like to apply the iPad decal to your iPad.

Iron Man in Mark V Armor iPad Decal

We can’t believe these were lots of wars between these cute bobble heads, but it’s true in the universe of Star Wars. If you like the Pop! Darth Vader bobblehead, let’s go on checking.

Ultra Cute Star Wars Pop! Series Bobble Heads

Have you remembered these familiar characters from those retro video games? Maybe you don’t know, the 8-bit video game characters are living in real world.

8-Bit Game Characters Living in Real World

Apparently a USB digital microscope is very useful for many people except me. So for you, we still need to introduce the fun and practical USB gadget.

USB Digital Microscope with 8 LED Lights