LEGO has released various gadgets themed by minifigure, but for computer geek and Lego fans, the official Lego minifigure USB flash drive may be more useful.

Official LEGO Minifigure USB Flash Drive

It’s really hard to imagine that a power strip can double as a practical pen holder, but clever designer has transformed it to reality. Let’s go on checking the upcoming Power Pod.

Power Pod Multi Functional Power Strip

Like those cute Muppets in Sesame Street, the famous children’s television program? Then you would like to bring them to your iPhone 4 using the Sesame Street iPhone 4 case.

Sesame Street iPhone 4 Case

In the eyes of faithful fans of Star Wars, R2-D2 may be the most useful robot. R2-D2 really can do many things such as enjoying video games. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 mod.

Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 Mod

iPad 2 tablets have been waiting in Apple Stores for your coming. Of course, you also don’t forget to prepare a nice iPad 2 case for your precious iPad 2 such as the DODOcase iPad 2 case limited edition.

DODOcase iPad 2 Case Limited Edition

We’ve introduced many Pacman themed gadgets, but apparently it’s not enough for faithful fans of Pacman retro arcade game, so let’s go on checking the Pacman themed drink coaster set called PacMat.

PacMat Pacman Themed Drink Coaster Set

Same as many famous cartoon characters and structures, the iconic floating house in animated film UP produced by Pixar has come to our real world.

Pixar Animated Film UP Inspired Floating House

iPad 2 will be released tomorrow. Have you prepared a firm iPad 2 case for the lovely tablet? If not yet, let’s go on checking the Eco-Vue iPad 2 case with hand strap.

Marware Eco-Vue iPad 2 Case with Hand Strap