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Apparently a Twitter fail whale cake didn’t suit all tastes. So we must search more geek delicacies such as these Space Invaders cupcakes.

Amazing Space Invaders Cupcakes

No flashy appearance, and no over-integrated functions, it’s just a practical cube-shaped mini USB card reader.

Practical Mini USB Card Reader Cube

Gumdrop had released several well-designed iPhone 4 cases such as colorful Air Shell iPhone 4 cases. Now another nice Surf Slider iPhone 4 case is found.

Translucent Gumdrop Surf Slider iPhone 4 Case

No doubt, nobody has seen so giant Apple iPad although several months have passed since the popular tablet was released. But now non Apple official designers gave us a possibility of getting an oversize iPad.

Giant iPad Mounted on Wall

According to the license plate, the amazing car modification should come from Germany. But we have no idea whether the tank styled Mercedes Smart is as strong as a tank.

Mercedes Smart Tank

Maybe many of us owned several figure-styled USB flash drives. Of course, if you want to go further and turn yourself into USB flash drive, let’s go on checking the personalized USB drive.

Turn Yourself into Personalized USB Flash Drive

No doubt, various iPhone 4 decal wraps have been available with ease at present. But the glowing iPhone 4 wrap is the first one on the market.

Glowing iPhone 4 Decal Wrap

We’ve already seen the movie of Toy Story 3, and also introduced the Toy Story 3 toys. Now is the time to make a relevant toy by ourselves just like the following Sheriff Woody paper craft.

Make Toy Story Woody Paper Craft by Yourself