Don’t mess with the hot-tempered bomb, otherwise, your coins will be blown out of the bomb shaped alarm clock doubled as money bank.

Hot-Tempered Bomb Alarm Clock Doubled as Money Bank

HP TouchPad Tablet PC with webOS

February 13, 2011 | In: Tablets

Recently HP unveiled its latest tablet PC HP TouchPad. If you have been tired of Google Android and Apple iOS, you might like to check the webOS tablet pc.

HP TouchPad Tablet PC with webOS

Many of hardcore gamers like the 8-bit arcade game themed cutting board, but unfortunately they have been sold out, so we have to find another Space Invaders cutting board such as the following one.

Handmade Space Invaders Cutting Board

For many people, in addition to a portable stand, an iPad stand that is more suitable for tabletop is very necessary such as the following @Rest iPad stand by Heckler Design.

Heckler Design @Rest iPad Stand

8-Bit Styled Oven Mitts

February 13, 2011 | In: Cool Gadgets

Want to show your love to those classical pixelizd graphics? In addition to the 8-bit watch, the 8-bit styled oven mitts look like a suitable choice.

8-Bit Styled Oven Mitts

No doubt, we hope you can get through all levels in Mushroom Kingdom just Using one life of Super Mario, but apparently it’s almost impossible mission, so the 25 ways to kill Super Mario are what you need to avoid.

25 Ways to Kill Super Mario

Striking colors, striking outlines, and practical functions, undoubtedly the concept watch series named Orbo has caught our eyes.

Orbo Concept Watch Series

Arkhippo II iPhone 4 Case

February 11, 2011 | In: Apple Gadgets

Have you remembered that fun Arkhippo I iPhone 4 case? Now Artwhat’s designers unveiled its latest sequel Arkhippo II iPhone 4 case.

Arkhippo II iPhone 4 Case