As a faithful fan of Doctor Who, you must have owned most Doctor Who action figures, but have you seen this kind of peg dolls themed by Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Peg Dolls Collection

The cartoon bear looks a bit like Japanese Rilakkuma, but the cute bear is named Thumb-Bear, a bear shaped USB flash drive that can help you hold important data.

Cute Thumb-Bear USB Flash Drive

Which kind of iPhone 4 case is your favorite, leather, metal, silicone or a hybrid? If you like the later, let’s go on checking Tunewear Prie Ambassador iPhone 4 leather case with metal hook.

Tunewear Prie Ambassador iPhone 4 Leather Case with Metal Hook

Don’t think this is just a traditional book. Once you flip the front cover, you will find more incredible functions, this is a book shaped portable printer.

Book Shaped Portable Printer

Pad Stash iPad Case

February 16, 2011 | In: Apple Gadgets

Want to carry several credit cards and some business cards along with your iPad? Apparently you need an iPad case with several pockets just like the following pad stash iPad case.

Pad Stash iPad Case

How to make data transmission more interesting? In addition to preparing a fun USB drive, an interesting USB hub with card reader may be useful such as the following race car.

Racing Car USB Hub with Card Reader

The war between Angry Birds and Green Pigs is still going on all over the world of cake. This time, the battlefield is a huge castle birthday cake that was invaded by green pig.

The Castle under Siege of Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Tell your friends you have owned a white iPhone 4. They wouldn’t believe? Then show them your incredible iPhone 4 disguised by white iPhone 4 skin.

White iPhone 4 Skin