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We still remember that Rii mini keyboard, especially when the EFO RF mini wireless keyboard with touchpad came into our view, which looks really like a Rii keyboard vertical edition.

EFO RF Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Haven’t you pick up your favorite iPad messenger bag from our numerous iPad gadgets? Don’t worry, here is another elegant iPad messenger by booq. Maybe you’ll like it.

Booq Cobra Courier iPad Messenger Bag

Helmet isn’t a rare thing, especially in ancient times when wars broke out frequently. Can you imagine what the helmet looks like when stormtrooper helmet combines with ancient helmets? No? Let’s go on checking.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet through Ancient and Future

Want to experience the real pinball arcade with your iPhone or iPod touch? Now New Potato’s Pinball Magic arcade machine gives us a chance to achieve the goal.

Pinball Arcade Machine for iPhone and iPod

Do you want to control the mouse cursor just like using an universal remote control? If you’re interested in the fresh idea, let’s check the wireless multimedia flying mouse.

USB Wireless Multimedia Flying Mouse

Geek soap is not new. Perhaps geek chocolate will be more welcome just like the following play station 2 gamepad chocolate.

Eatable Play Station 2 Gamepad

For iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G(S) without function of replacing battery, an external battery is very necessary. If you’re looking for this kind of product, let’s go on checking the portable solar charger.

Eco 2 iPhone 4 Portable Solar Charger

What will be created when scrap meets found art? Artist Cory Barkman has given us a pretty good answer: a bunch of steampunk styled found art lamps.

Steampunk Styled Found Art Lamps by Cory Barkman