We’re using iPad 2, but someone in China is playing his iPad 3. If you’re also curious, let’s go on checking.

Homemade iPad 3

Many editors like us are using iPad 2 to edit their documents, but the virtual keyboard actually is easy to increase errors when you type. If you feel the same, let’s go on checking iKeyboard.

iKeyboard for iPad 2 and Original iPad

Want to fully enjoy your LEGO bricks, apparently several LEGO base plates are not enough. Check out the LEGO walls, maybe it’s a nice way to create and present your LEGO creations.

Enjoy Your LEGO Bricks on the Walls

Need a multi functional charger for your various devices? Check out IDAPT i1 Eco universal charger, maybe it can meet your requirements.

IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger

You have owned that 8-bit wrist watch? But if you want a room full of pixel art, let’s go on checking the 8-bit styled Pixel Time wall clock.

8-Bit Styled Pixel Time Wall Clock

We have multiple ways to make the cute Angry Birds stand on iPad 2 like vinyl decal and ipad 2 case, while the latest one is the Angry Birds iPad 2 sleeve.

Angry Birds Protective Sleeve for iPad 2 and Original iPad

Kobo eReader Touch

May 27, 2011 | In: Tablets

Recently Kobo also released its latest touch screen eReader. If you are thinking of adding an ebook reader, let’s go on checking Kobo eReader Touch Edition.

Kobo eReader Touch

We introduced custom wooden iPhone 4 case from Grove last year, but if you need a more affordable alternative, let’s go on checking the another custom wooden iPhone 4 case.

Custom Wooden iPhone 4 Case