What do you mainly use your iPad for? If you prefer to using it to enjoy music and videos, the iPad case. With two speakers may be more suitable than an iPad keyboard case.

iPad Case with Two Speakers

iPad 2 has been revealed. Of course, this is not the only highly anticipated tablet on the market. There are Motorola XOOM, Samsung Sliding PC 7 series, Notion Ink Adam and etc. Which one is the most powerful? Let’s go on checking the infographic.

Infographic about iPad 2 and Other Tablets

Like playing basketball? Then you might like to check the handmade genuine basketball leather iPad case. It seems the sleeve is compatible with upcoming iPad 2.

Handmade Genuine Basketball Leather iPad Case

It seems the hands and lags of the famous robot Bender get shorter, but apparently become more lovely. If you like the cute Bender plush toy, let’s go on checking.

Futurama Series 1 Bender Plush Toy

We love coffee and also like simple, elegant gadgets, so we have to introduce the Kupu, a wooden coffee scoop and bag sealer.

Kupu Wooden Coffee Scoop and Bag Sealer

Following the just revealed iPad 2 tablet, many manufacturer also released their latest iPad 2 cases such as Booqpad iPad 2 leather case with notepad by Booqbag.

Booqbag Booqpad iPad 2 Leather Case with Notepad

No doubt, the Teddy Bear USB hub is much more useful than a plush toy. You’re looking for a unique USB hub? Let’s go on checking the cute bear from Japan.

Teddy Bear 4-Port USB Hub

You’re looking for a portable wireless router for your travel? Check out the following EagleTec nano size wireless N Router, maybe that is what you need.

EagleTec Portable Wireless N Router