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Apparently It’s not easy to ask your friend to renounce wine or smoking. But using the Lungs and Liver USB flash drives, it’s so easy to make sure them knew that someone cares about them.

Lungs and Liver USB Flash Drives

Do you want to try an unique vintage way to enjoy music? No doubt, the retro boombox styled iPod dock with portable speakers is perfect for this.

Retro Boombox Styled iPod Dock with Portable Speakers

No doubt, the transmission speed under USB 3.0 standard is much faster than USB 2.0. If you’ve gotten a USB 3.0 motherboard, the dual SATA HDD docking station can apparently help you make full use of those surplus hard drives.

USB 3.0 Dual SATA HDD Docking Station

If you like A Bathing Ape, STUSSY, BEAMS, and more famous Japanese fashion brands, you’ll be sure to be interested in these iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 cases.

FashFashionable iPhone 4 and 3G Cases from Zozotown iPhone Protector Design Project

X-mini II Portable Speaker

September 10, 2010 | In: Speakers

Apparently many people have enjoyed the potable speaker called X-mini for a long time. Now Xmi brought us the latest edition “capsule speaker” X-mini II.

X-mini II Portable Speaker

bright colors, elegant design, Uniform Ware series watches from twentytwentyone apparently happen to strike my fancy. If you also like, let’s go on checking.

Uniform Wares 100 Series Watches

It’s really interesting, people created the classical arcade game Pacman, now people become parts of the game. Here is an unique stop motion video themed by Pacman. Let’s go on checking.

Classical Pacman Arcade Game Built with People

Apparently we can know the weather in advance through various ways. No matter which way you used, the Brookstone WeatherCast weather station and clock should be a good method.

WeatherCast Wireless Weather Station and Clock