Two years after Google announced Google Chrome OS, finally the netbook based on Google Chrome OSSamsung Series 5 Chromebook has been available. How about the netbook? Let’s go on checking.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Now Available

Do you remember that interesting Game Boy styled iPhone 4 case? Now iPWN! has announced its Game Boy iPad 2 case will be available soon.

iPWN! Game Boy iPad 2 Case

What kind of smart phone can catch your eyes? Sorry, we can’t guess, but the following steampunk smart phone profoundly attracted us.

Steampunk Smart Phone

It seems the cute piggy has changed the job to store digital data instead of your coins. Let’s go on checking the piggy styled USB flash drive by Green House.

Green House Piggy Styled USB Flash Drive

You’re a big fan of superheroes, Spider-Man and Captain America is your super stars? Then turn yourself into the superhero with Marvel Superhero Hoodies.

Turn Yourself into Supergero with Marvel Superhero Hoodies

Low-profile design, practical construction, and wide practicability, all these meet our tastes, then let’s go on checking hard graft’s Pocket Phone Case.

Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case

We have checked the Marvel superhero POP! vinyl figures. Now Funko’s latest DC Universe POP! Heroes vinyl figures series 3 has been available for pre-order.

Funko DC Universe POP! Heroes Vinyl Figures Series 3

Want to disguise your new MacBook Air as a retro hardcover book? No doubt, Twelve South’s BookBook MacBook Air case is a perfect solution.

Twelve South BookBook MacBook Air Case