For some people like me, it’s not easy to perfectly apply a protective film to iPhone, especially larger iPad, so Guy Richards gives us a nice solution: Kioky screen protector and applicator.

Kioky Screen Protector and Applicator for iPhone and iPad

Apparently not only folio Galaxy Tab case can integrate a tablet stand, for instance, the following Case-Mate Glove Samsung Galaxy Tab leather case.

Case-Mate Glove Samsung Galaxy Tab Case

Are you looking for a perfect music buddy for your iPod, iPhone and other music devices? Check out the iMainGo X portable speaker system, maybe the miniature case is suitable for you.

iMainGo X Portable Speaker System and Protective Case

LEGO Minifigure Paper Craft

February 6, 2011 | In: DIY Gadgets

We know you’ve collected all kinds of LEGO minifigures as a big LEGO fan, we also know you may like to make a LEGO minifigure paper craft by yourself.

LEGO Minifigure Paper Craft

Pioneer Computers recently released its new Android tablet. If you’re looking for a practical and more affordable selection, let’s go on checking DreamBook ePad 7 Pro Android tablet.


Want to enjoy your iPad or iPhone 4 on the beach? Apparently you need a waterproof case for your device such as the iKappa waterproof iPad case and smart phone case.

iKappa Waterproof iPad and iPhone Cases

Apparently in addition to official Angry Birds plush toys, we have other choices such as these handmade Angry Birds plush toys.

Handmade Angry Birds Plush Toy

The Force is an invisible metaphysical power, just as we have seen in the Star Wars movie series. Of course, sometimes the Force also exists in real world just like the Darth Vader‘s Force on Volkswagen 2012 Passat.

Darth Vader's Force on Volkswagen 2012 Passat