It seems Jabba had learned from failure. He’d prepared a more practical ice cube tray to hold Halo Solo in Carbonite, and there is an additional ice tray for the cute R2-D2.

Star Wars Ice Cube Tray for R2-D2 and Han Solo in Carbonite

No doubt, there are many women who use iPad or other tablets, and netbooks around us. For them a fashionable tech tote may be more suitable than a sling bag such as the following A-Line bag.

Speck A-Line Bag for iPad and Netbooks

In addition to telling you the temporary maintenance of Twitter, Fail Whale can be used to hold your facial tissue just like a tissue holder. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Fail Whale Styled Tissue Holder

What will happen when coffee table meets blackboard? Strange as it may sound, but some designers can give us some incredible answers such as the following design concept.

Coffee Table Meets Blackboard

Famicom, the classical Nintendo game console from the 1980s came to our eyes again. But this time, it features more practical functions: protecting your iPhone and iPod touch as a gadget case.

Famicom Styled Felt Gadget Case for Your iPhone and iPod Touch

How do you spend your spare time in US Army base in Afghanistan? Apparently there are various answers for different soldiers, but Rupert should tell us he like assembling action figures.

Assemblage Action Figures from Afghanistan

Have you been tired of leather or silicone iPhone 4 cases? Maybe you might like to check the Single Hitter iPhone 4 case made of polyester fabric.

Single Hitter iPhone 4 Case with Card Slots

Donkey Kong Themed Jenga

February 18, 2011 | In: Toys

Recently we got Jenga HD for iPad, but we found the Donkey Kong themed Jenga game looks like more interesting.

Donkey Kong Themed Jenga