Don’t be deceived by your eyes, in fact, the USB flash drive is a mini HD video camera. If you like the special USB drive, let’s go on checking.

USB Flash Drive Styled Mini HD Video Camera

Apparently Play Hello iShoes is a nice case series, following its iPhone 4 case, the Play Hello iShoes Samsung Galaxy S case has also been available.

Play Hello iShoes Samsung Galaxy S Case

Doctor Who season 5 will premiere on BBC America on April 23, but before that, the fans of Doctor Who may like to enjoy the Doctor Who Tardis and Dalek Spaceship mini play set.

Doctor Who Tardis and Dalek Spaceship Mini Play Sets

Just like a iPad 2 case with traditional notebook, the Pinetti Quattrogiga leather journal with USB flash drive is also an incredible combination. If you feel it’s useful, let’s go on checking.

Pinetti Quattrogiga Leather Journal with USB Flash Drive

Portal 2 has been available for PC and Mac, but straggly, the two stars ATLAS and P-Body appeared in our post. If you’re curious, let’s go checking the timely LEGO models.

LEGO ATLAS, P-Body and Turrets from Portal 2

Recently Zenus released its latest series of iPad 2 case. If you’re looking for a suitable case, let’s go on checking Folder Type iPad 2 leather case.

Zenus Folder Type iPad 2 Leather Case

Just yesterday we introduced those incredible mushups combined Angry Birds and Star Wars. Now the author Steven Anderson has brought us the second part of the illustration series.

Angry Birds Themed Star Wars Part Two

You’ve been tired of common videos captured by your iPhone 4? Check out GoPano micro lens, those 360-degrees panoramic photos and videos should be able to impress you.

GoPano Micro Lens Turns iPhone 4 into Panoramic Camera