We have featured many useful iPhone 4 cases with backup batteries, but if you want more options, let’s go on checking iKit Nu iPhone 4 battery case.

iKit Nu iPhone 4 Battery Case

Never let a little kid put the small-size bread basket into his month. The delicious USB flash drive can be used to store your data instead of saving one’s stomach.

Bread Basket Shaped USB Flash Drive

You’ve owned various Iron Man and War Machine action figures, and even had a War Machine costume? But do you have a lift-size War Machine replica just like the following one?

Life-Size War Machine Replica

Need a versatile protective case to hold your new iPad 2? Check out Marware’s C.E.O Hybrid iPad 2 case, maybe it can meet your requirements.

Marware C.E.O Hybrid iPad 2 Case

You’ve already completed the two cute Super Mario papercrafts? Now the third optional mission is Cloud Mario paper craft. If you like the white Mario, let’s on checking.

Cloud Mario Paper Craft from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Do you remember that practical Pop! iPad 2 case? Now Case-Mate has applied the protective case to BlackBerry PlayBook. If you’re using PlayBook, let’s go in checking Pop! BlackBerry PlayBook case.

Case-Mate Pop! BlackBerry PlayBook Case

Don’t you know lots of Space Invaders have already settled in our earth for many years. If you want to hire one of them to protect you in darkness, let’s go on checking the Space Invaders reflective charm.

Space Invaders Reflective Charm

You’re a typical photography lover always want to capture some interesting moments with your iPhone? Check out Kapok iPhone 4 case, which lets you fully enjoy the camera if your iPhone 4.

Kapok iPhone 4 Case for Photography Lovers