Want to bake the following Space Invader themed cake for your geek friends? If you have the Space Invaders themed cake mold, apparently it will not be hard.

Space Invaders Themed Cake Mold

You’re a computer geek who always faces your ultimate computer? but you also need to get in touch with nature. If you have no time, some plants and fishes beside computer should be a nice idea, so let’s go on checking Modular Fish Hotel aquarium.

Modular Fish Hotel Aquarium

You’ve been tired of the silicone protective case that have been on your iPhone 4 for a long time? Check out the iTimber iPhone 4 wood case, maybe you will enjoy the new coat for iPhone 4.

iTimber iPhone 4 Wood Case

Following karabiner styled USB drive, Elecom released x nendo Clip Type USB flash drive. If you need to clip your data with documents, the USB drive may be more suitable for you.

Elecom x nendo Clip Type USB Flash Drive

A red dragon sprawls on the hilltop, small but dangerous, because it’s a real fire breathing dragon built out of LEGO bricks.

Fire Breathing Dragon Built Out of LEGO Bricks

At first, don’t scare your mom with the powerful power strip. Second, it’s surely a great power strip. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Wet Circuit water resistant power strip.

Wet Circuit Water Resistant Power Strip

You’re looking for an adorable iPhone 4 case for your girlfriend? If she like Hello Kitty and other cute cartoon charters from Sanrio, the Sanrio cartoon character iPhone 4 case may surprise her.


Have you remembered that impressive virtual laser keyboard? Now let’s go on checking Celluon’s second virtual laser product: evoMouse, a revolutionary computer mouse.

Celluon EvoMouse: An Revolutionary Computer Mouse