Incase released Perforated case series at the end of last year. Now the series has been expanded by new available colors and Perforated Slider iPhone 4 case.

Incase Perforated Slider iPhone 4 Case

Last month we featured some incredible 35mm film roll USB flash drives. Now we found a set of similar designs from photojojo. If you like these classical film rolls, let’s go on checking.

Yet Another Film Roll USB Flash Drive

Apparently this isn’t the first book style iPad 2 case that we’ve introduced, but if you need multiple options, you may like to check the custom iPad 2 case.

Book Style iPad 2 Case

Powerful LEGO bricks can do tons of powerful things, also including holding your powerful personal computer. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the incredible computer case mod.

Computer Case Made of LEGO Bricks

How to divide your personal files from the work documents in one USB drive? No doubt, the 2-Storage USB flash drive is a wonderful solution.

2-Storage USB Flash Drive

We’ve feathered a couple of Portal 2 models made of LEGO bricks. But if you prefer custom figures, the following custom Portal 2 action figures may be more suitable for you.

Custom Portal 2 Action Figures

Following juice pack air iPhone 4 battery case, mophie released its latest juice pack air iPod touch 4G case with external battery. If you’re looking for this kind of gadget, let’s go on checking.

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPod Touch 4G Case with External Battery

As we know, light bulbs are used to illuminate, but if you wish it can also wake you up from bed, let’s go on checking Quirky Watt Time alarm clock.

Quirky Watt Time Alarm Clock