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There are too many gadgets on your computer desk? Check out the roll-up mouse pad integrated USB hub and speakers, maybe the highly integrated gadget can help you.

Roll-Up Mouse Pad Integrated USB Hub and Speakers

We haven’t seen Space Invaders for a long time, but this doesn’t show they vanished. Check out the Space Invaders salt and pepper shakers, apparently they have come back.

Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers

Which USB flash drive style is your favorite, cute figure or antique vacuum tube? If you prefer the later, let’s go on checking the handmade steampunk USB flash drive.

Handmade Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Make Your Own Nintendo 3DS

January 26, 2011 | In: DIY Gadgets

As we know, Nintendo has announced the release date of its latest portable game console 3DS, but if you can’t wait, you may like to make a Nintendo 3DS papercraft first.

Make Your Own Nintendo 3DS

Almost all people who use computer have such experience: when you were just about to plug your USB drive into USB port, you found the USB plug’s direction was wrong. This isn’t a big problem, but thus was born a practical design concept: Double U USB Port.

Practical Design Concept Double U USB Port

We’ve introduced many multi functional iPad cases. Swivel Pro iPad leather case by US+U is the newest one. If you’re looking for a suitable one, let’s go on checking.

US+U Swivel Pro Multi Functional iPad Case

Which cartoon character in Toy Story is your favorite, Woody or Buzz Lightyear? Check out the two Toy Story LEGO minifigure alarm clocks, you always find the favorite one.

Toy Story LEGO Minifigure Alarm Clocks - Buzz Lightyear

You’ve been tired of various silicone and leather cases for iPhone and iPod touch? Well, maybe moshi iPouch universal case can refresh you.

Moshi iPouch Universal Case for iPhone and iPod Touch