Recently Sharp and EAccess unveiled their latest Android tablet: Galapagos A01SH. You’re looking a suitable tablet running Google Android? Let’s go on checking.

Sharp Galapagos A01SH Android Tablet Unveiled

Have you remembered that interesting fork shaped cable organizer? Now Fork and Cream Sauce has been available. If you need a cable organizer to manage the tangled cables on your desk, let’s go on checking.

Fork and Cream Sauce Cable Organizer

Have you remembered the two Super Mario themed iPad case? Now a new character has been added in the line. That’s the handmade Yoshi iPad 2 case.

Handmade Yoshi iPad 2 Case

Titanium Drinking Straw

August 9, 2011 | In: Apple Gadgets

Hey, geeks, you still use plastic straws to enjoy your favorite beverage? Check out the titanium drinking straw, no doubt, the unique gadget is more suitable for you.

Titanium Drinking Straw

Need a versatile stand to dock your laptop or hold your iPad 2 for comfortable use? Check out Desktop Chair, the multi functional wood stand should be able to help you.

Desktop Chair for Laptop and Tablet

We have introduced many practical iPhone 4 keyboard cases. But if you still keep on looking for the most suitable one, let’s go on checking Kiano4 iPhone 4 keyboard case.

The Smurfs movie in 3D have been released. You have seen the animated film? Then you may like to put the Smurfs themed paper craft on your desk.

The Smurfs Themed Paper Craft

Recently Tokyofkash released its latest Kisai series wrist watch: Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD watch. Like the puzzle-like LCD watch? Let’s go on checking.