TARDIS can transport Doctor Who to any point in time and space. Do you know it can be used to hold your iPad 2 as a cool iPad 2 case. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking.

Doctor Who TARDIS Styled iPad 2 Case

In order to reduce the weight of laptop, we have to use all kinds of external hardware, also including external hard drive. But if you feel it doesn’t work great on the go, Dyson’s Easy On external hard drive may be a perfect solution.

Dyson Easy On External Hard Drive Designed for Laptop

Angry Birds Themed 2012 Calendar

September 25, 2011 | In: House Life

No doubt, Angry Birds is one of the brightest stars in mobile game industry. If you like these adorable birds, the Angry Birds themed 2012 calendar should be able to catch your eyes.

Angry Birds Themed 2012 Calendar

Need a wireless speaker to stream your favorite music from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Check out JBL On Tour iTB portable Bluetooth speaker system, maybe the circular sound station can meet your requirements.

JBL On Tour iTB Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

We’ve introduced all kinds of iPhone 4 cases, but if you’re a big fan of Lady Gaga, the following Lady Gaga The Mobile Collection iPhone 4 case may be able to appeal to you.

Lady Gaga The Mobile Collection iPhone 4 Case

It seems Darth Vader is also a big fan of Batman. Recently he modified his iconic black costume as the following one. Of course, Darth Vader’s ambition is whole Galactic Empire instead of the little Gotham City.

Batsuit Styled Darth Vader Costume

8-in-1 Multi-Tool

September 24, 2011 | In: Cool Gadgets

We have featured several nice multi-tools, but if you need a pair of pliers, the 8-in-1 multi-tool may be more suitable for you.

8-in-1 Multi-Tool

Need a more comfortable typing experience, but don’t want to add much bulk to your iPad 2? Maybe Hatch & Co’s Skinny iPad 2 keyboard case can meet your requirements.

Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Keyboard Case