We have featured a few nice water-resistant iPhone 4 cases, but if you prefer fresh options, let’s go on checking EscapeCapsule waterproof iPhone 4 case.

EscapeCapsule Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Desktop Doctor Who Dalek

September 11, 2011 | In: Toys

Doctor Who is still going on his adventure, apparently his enemy in this season is not infamous Dalek, but if you miss Dalek, you can also put the desktop Doctor Who Dalek on your desk.

Desktop Doctor Who Dalek

We have introduced all kinds of steampunk inspired gadgets, while the latest finding is the handmade steampunk MP3 player. If you want to enjoy favorite music with the artwork, let’s go on checking.

Handmade Steampunk MP3 Player

Your kids want to play your iPad 2? How to give them a perfect experience? In addition to those great apps and games, maybe you also need a suitable digital stylus just like the following iColor crayon styled stylus.

iColor Crayon Styled Stylus

We know you have owned the classic word game and Scrabble apps, but if you want to start a new match on fridge door, the Scrabble fridge magnet set should be mire suitable for you.

Scrabble Fridge Magnet Set

Incase teamed up with Ace Hotel to release its latest Ace Hotel collection that consists of duffel bag, shoulder bag, protective sleeve, iPad 2 case and iPhone 4 case. And now let’s go on checking the Portfolio iPad 2 case with Ace Hotel title.

Incase Ace Hotel Portfolio iPad 2 Case

Super Mario has gotten his cardboard box version, so if you want to experience more unique gameplay of Super Mario, the cardboard box video game will be the perfect solution.

Super Mario Cardboard Box Version

Apparently the plushie is less popular than Angry Birds plush toys, but if you want to cuddle a plush toy and enjoy favorite music, the plush portable speaker may be more suitable for you.

Plush Portable Speaker with MP3 Player and FM Radio