We introduced that 4ft papercraft Freedom Gundam last year. Now the great paper craft artist Taras has built out a higher and better Ultimate Gundam paper craft. Let’s go on checking the awesome Gundam model.

Ultimate Gundam Paper Craft

We have featured Rob Smith’s steampunk cufflinks with USB flash drives. But if you just need a unique storage gadget, let’s go on checking his steampunk mechanical USB flash drive.

Steampunk Mechanical USB Flash Drive

Griffin recently released several interesting protective cases for iPod touch 4G, Funky Touch is one of them. If you also like this kind of cute design, let’s go on checking the iPod touch 4G case.

Griffin Funky Touch iPod Touch 4G Case

We can enjoy those classic ATARI games with iPad and iCade. But if you want to play the video games on the TV, the Atari Flashback 3 game console may be more suitable for you.

Atari Flashback 3 Game Console

Walking Dead Themed Board Game

November 10, 2011 | In: Toys

Grimes’ group of survivors is still going on their adventure in the Walking Dead Season 2. If you also want to experience the horrible adventure with your friends, the Walking Dead themed board game may be a nice idea.

Walking Dead Themed Board Game

Bluelounge recently released its latest protective case for iPad 2: Shell. If you’re looking for a suitable case for your iPad 2 with Smart Cover, let’s go on checking Shell iPad 2 case.

Bluelounge Shell iPad 2 Case

No doubt, carabiner is a kind of multi functional gadget. But if you want to use it to enjoy your favorite retro video games, the Space Invaders carabiner should be more suitable for you.

Space Invaders Carabiner

ZIIIRO Celeste Watch

November 9, 2011 | In: Watches

Recently ZIIRO Watch announced its latest wrist watch: ZIIIRO Celeste. If you like ZIIIRO’s unique watch design combined with vibrant colors and modern style, let’s go on checking the fashionable watch.

ZIIIRO Celeste Watch