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You’re looking for a unique stand for surfing the Internet and watching videos with your iPhone or other smart phones? Check out the phone stand iStuck, maybe the piece of gum can fit your taste.

iStuck Phone Stand Not Only for iPhone

Which kind of iPod dock is your favorite? If you’ve been tired of those mass-produced commodities, let’s go on checking the handcrafted iPod/ iPhone docking station.

Handcrafted iPhone iPod Docking Station

That talking Tom Cat is still on your iPhone? Now the some talking animals moved from screen to read world. Of course, what we are talking about is Mimicry Pet, a talking hamster plush toy.

Takara Tomy Mimicry Pet Talking Plush Toy

Have you remembered those impressive APUs (Armored Personnel Units) in Matrix Revolutions? Now a simple prototype of APU appeared in the street of Japan.

Simple Armored Personnel Unit From Japan Instead of Zion

Bamboo Notebook

March 8, 2011 | In: Cool Gadgets

No doubt, bamboo can be used to make various eco-friendly gadgets like keyboard, computer mouse, iPhone case, of course, also including the following bamboo notebook.

Bamboo Notebook

As a big fan of Star Wars, you must have many Star Wars themed action figures, but if you want some unique Star Wars figures with Japanese style, the Star Wars Kokeshi dolls may be suitable for you.

Star Wars Kokeshi Dolls

We have seen many portable chargers, but if you’re a big fan of Hello Kitty, the following Hello Kitty themed portable charger and backup battery should be more suitable for you.

Hello Kitty Themed Portable Charger and Backup Battery

We have introduced Thanko’s Name Cam mini camcorder, but if you feel it a bit expensive, the following An Agency mini digital camera may be more suitable for you.

An Agency Mini Digital Camera