Bluelounge recently released its latest cable manager: Sumo. If you’re looking for a suitable cable management tool for your desk, maybe Sumo can meet your requirements.

Bluelounge Sumo Cable Manager

We can search out a pile of Nerf N-strike Blasters on the Internet, but if you want a very unique Nerf gun, the steampunk Nerf N-strike Nite Finder should be able catch your eyes.

Steampunk Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder

These movies are familiar to us like The Dark Knight, Alice in Wonderland, Wall-E and etc, but apparently some twists about Star Wars have been added in the movie posters. Let’s go on checking these awesome Star Wars styled movie posters.

Star Wars Styled Movie Posters

Want to enjoy your favorite movie or television programme with your iPad 2 when you’re in the bath? Then TheJoyFactory’s BubbleShield Pro waterproof case should be a nice solution.

TheJoyFactory BubbleShield Pro Waterproof Case for iPad 2 and Other Tablets

Which one is your favorite during BBQ, chicken wing, chicken drum stick or BBQ pork? No matter which you like, don’t put them on the grill, because they are just BBQ food themed USB flash drives.

BBQ Food Themed USB Flash Drive

Nooka Zizm Digital Watch

October 18, 2011 | In: Watches

Nooka recently released its latest digital watch: Nooka Zizm. If you like this kind of unique faceted design, let’s go on checking Nooka Zizm digital watch.

Nooka Zizm Digital Watch

We have introduced a few practical iPhone 4 cases with card holder, but if you prefer slim designed protective case, the SwitchEasy Card iPhone 4S case may be more suitable for you.

SwitchEasy Card iPhone 4S Case

You have passed through Batman Arkham Asylum and the latest sequel Batman Arkham City? Then the Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman action figure should be able to catch your eyes.

Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman Action Figure