You have passed through Batman Arkham Asylum and the latest sequel Batman Arkham City? Then the Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman action figure should be able to catch your eyes.

Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman Action Figure

Space Invaders had invaded many fields in our life, but if you want more aliens around you, the Space Invaders hand carved rubber stamp set will help you form an army of numerous Space Invaders.

Space Invaders Hand Carved Rubber Stamp Set

It seems the muscular action figures also like beautiful flowers. Of course, if you also like these colored figures, the action figure styled vase should be nice holder for your flowers.

Power Flower: Action Figure Styled Vase

No doubt, many people have owned multiple tablets such as an iPad 2 and Kindle 3, or an Android tablet plus iPad. Then if you want to conveniently take both the tablets at the same time, maybe the Levenger’s Gear-Pod iPad 2 case is a suitable solution.

Levenger Gear-Pod iPad 2 Case

No doubt, it’s not very easy to scan a simple page in a book with a common scanner. So talented designers came up with a practical design concept: Scan Board to solve this problem.

Scan Board: A Concept Scanner for Books

Have you remembered that cute Woogie case designed for kids? Now Griffin has released a new Woogie 2 plush toy styled protective case for iPhone and iPod touch. Want your kid fully enjoy the wonderful stories, apps and games on your iPhone 4? Let’s go on checking.

Griffin Woogie 2 Plush Toy Styled Protective Case for iPhone and iPod Touch

We have features a mini stylus for iPad 2, but if you think that stylus is too small for handwriting, maybe the PenNe mini stylus with neck strap can meet your requirements.

PenNe Mini Stylus with Neck Strap for iPhone and iPod Touch

We have introduced all kinds of USB flash drives, but if you prefer the following two cute animals, the animal styled USB flash drive may be more more suitable for you.

Cute Animal Styled USB Flash Drive