Nixon Rubber 51-30 Watch

November 22, 2011 | In: Watches

Recently Nixon has added a new coating for their popular Nixon 51-30. If you like the touch feeling of silicone, the Nixon Rubber 51-30 watch should be able to catch your eyes.

Nixon Rubber 51-30 Watch

Want to enjoy your favorite music in a pool or tub? Apparently you need a waterproof speaker such as Audio Unlimited Poolpod waterproof wireless speaker.

Audio Unlimited Poolpod Wireless Waterproof Speaker

We have introduced a set of phone lenses for iPhone 4 and 4S. But if you want a more convenient way to take unique photos, the aluminum iPhone 4S case with integrated phone lenses may be more suitable for you.

Aluminum iPhone 4S Case with Integrated Phone Lenses

We have many ways that allow you to show your love to the classic science fiction franchise. The last finding is the Star Trek mug with transporter sound effect coaster.

Star Trek Mug with Transporter Sound Effect Coaster

Do you remember that cute piggy bank styled power strip by Art Lebedev Studio? This time the talent designers turned their focus on wrist watch. Let’s go on checking their latest Integralus digital watch.

Integralus Digital Watch

Following black and limited edition Trooper iPad 2 keyboard cases, ClamCase released a white iPad 2 keyboard case, which is apparently more suitable for white iPad 2. If you feel the same, let’s go on checking.

ClamCase White iPad 2 Keyboard Case

We can use portable speaker to enjoy our favorite music. But if you want more functions, Spar Zephyr portable bluetooth speaker may be more suitable for you.

Spar Zephyr Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Limited by a small size, many portable backup battery chargers don’t have enough battery capacity for multiple devices. But apparently MOVEON large capacity backup battery has broken the rule.

MOVEON Large Capacity Backup Battery for Smartphone