You have spent a lot of time on the popular video game Battlefield 3? Maybe you also like to take some time to create an awesome Battlefield 3 case mod just like the following one.

Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod

We have introduced a lot of practical iPad 2 cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboard. But if you want more color options, the following portfolio iPad 2 keyboard case may be able to catch your eyes.

Portfolio iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Need a comfortable way to enjoy your favorite games, apps, videos from your iPad or Android tablets at home? Take a look at Octa’s WhaleTail + Vacuum Dock, maybe the tablet stand can meet your requirements.

Octa WhaleTail + Vacuum Dock Tablet Stand

Recently Moleskine released a new limited edition Moleskine LEGO notebook collection. If you’re a big fan of LEGO bricks, let’s go on checking these LEGO inspired notebooks.

Limited Edition Moleskine LEGO Notebook Collection

For the Chinese New Year, DyzPlastic recently released three latest special edition Android mini figures. If you want to bring some Chinese style among your Android collectibles, let’s go on checking.

Chinese New Year Android Mini Figures Special Edition

We introduced a few nice iPhone 4 cases with backup battery. But if you want an eco-friendly way to charge your iPhone 4, GreenSimian’s SolMate solar powered iPhone 4 battery case should be able to catch your eyes.

GreenSimian SolMate Solar Powered iPhone 4 Battery Case

Recently SNK’s new Neo-Geo portable game console has been leaked. If you’re a big fan of those classic Neo-Geo video games, let’s go on checking the iPhone-like handheld game console.

SNK Neo-Geo Portable Game Console

We have introduced several remote control toys. But apparently those toys are too big to fit for playing on your desk. If you need a desk-friendly RC car, the Desk Pet USB Tankbot may be more suitable for you.

Desk Pet USB Tankbots Controlled by iOS or Android Devices