We have introduced lots of interesting USB flash drives, while the latest finding is the metallic skeleton key USB flash drive. If you like the exquisite key, let’s go on checking.

Metallic Skeleton Key USB Flash Drive

No doubt, Mario, Samus and Link are three classic 8-bit video games. Of course, we won’t introduce the three famous games, but the amazing model kits inspired by Mario, Samus and Link.

Amazing Model Kits Inspired by Mario, Samus and Link

Recently Ballistic released its latest Life Style Series iPhone 4 case. If you like this kind of translucent protective case with strong protection, let’s go on checking.

Ballistic Life Style Series iPhone 4 Case

Following Helmet Pig dock speaker, GEAR4 unveiled other two Red and Black Angry Birds portable speakers and iPhone docks. Like these cute Angry Birds? Let’s go on checking.

Red and Black Angry Birds Portable Speakers and iPhone Docks

We have features several practical keyboard shelves to organize your messy computer desk. But if you have both Mac Pro and MacBook, LapTuk Pro display stand and keyboard shelf may be more suitable for you.

LapTuk Pro Display Stand and Keyboard Shelf

Want to give Space Invaders-grade protection to your iPad 2 instead of iPhone 4? Case Scenario also has the second option for iPad 2 users: Space Invaders themed iPad 2 case.

Space Invaders Themed iPad 2 Case

Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones

September 15, 2011 | In: Headphone

Incase recently released its latest Audio Collection that consists of four pair of headphones, including Sonic, Reflex, Pivot and Capsule. Now let’s go on checking Incase Sonic over ear headphones.

Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones

Undoubtedly AT-AT walker in the universe of Star Wars is a powerful vehicle, but now the DIY Wooden AT-AT walker storage box is just used to deal with those tangled cables connecting with your power strip. Nevertheless, the wood vehicle is still useful.

DIY Wooden AT-AT Walker Storage Box for Power Strip and Tangled Cables