You’ve been tired of meaningless protective case? Check out these artistic iPhone 4 case launched periodically by Indie Cases, maybe the art works can bring you some freshness.

Indie Artistic iPhone 4 Cases

You can’t use the pen to write anything on paper, but it allows you to control your computer. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Genius pen styled wireless mouse.

Genius Pen Styled Wireless Mouse

If you think this is a wooden handcraft instead of a piece of wood, let’s go on checking the handmade wooden docking station for iPhone and iPod.

Handmade Wooden Docking Station for iPhone and iPod

Recently Casio released its latest G-Shock watch collection: DW-6900SN. if you’re looking a suitable sport watch, let’s go on checking.

Casio G-Shock DW-6900SN Watch Collection

Based on the latest rumors, iPhone 5 will possibly be unveiled at the end of August, while the release will be in September. However, these are just rumors, before that, let’s enjoy the brainchild: another iPhone 5 design concept.

Another iPhone 5 Design Concept

We introduced spider styled iPhone stand by Breffo last year. Now its flexible tablet stand with the same design – SpiderpodiumTablet has been available.

Flexible SpiderpodiumTablet Tablet Stand

We have featured several nice mini digital cameras, but if you’re a faithful fan of Leica, the classic Leica M3 styled mini digital camera can apparently draw your attention more.

Classic Leica M3 Styled Mini Digital Camera

What do you want from an iPhone 4 battery case? If you aren’t content with the juice to feed your iPhone 4, let’s go on checking IOGEAR GearPower Edge iPhone 4 battery case.

IOGEAR GearPower Edge iPhone 4 Battery Case