We have seen many nice art prints themed by The Legend of Zelda, but if you prefer oil painting style, the following poster set may draw your more attention.

The Oil Painting Styled Legend of Zelda Poster Set

The titans are planning to invade your showcase. All you need to do is hire the two heroes to fight against those hungry titans. Nice plot? Let’s go on checking the two Attack on Titan action figures.

Attack on Titan Eren and Mikasa Action Figures

Those keychain friendly power banks provide a handy way to extend your smartphone’s battery life, but if you need more battery capacity, the Megalo Mini ultra portable charger may be a better option.

Megalo Mini Ultra Portable Charger with 1400mAh Backup Battery

It’s not only a pair of typical cufflinks as fashionable ornamentation, but two bottle openers for your favorite beverages. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the French cufflinks.

The French Cufflinks with Bottle Openers

Wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and thermometer have been integrated into the wood block. If you like the versatile design, let’s go on checking W2 Qi wireless charging wood.

W2 Qi Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker, Alarm Clock and Thermometer

Need a perfect summer party companion to hold your favorite beverages and foods and bring you more functions? Take a look at Coolest, the multi functional cooler with blender, Bluetooth speaker, USB charger and more may be a more suitable solution.

Coolest A Multi Functional Cooler with Blender, Bluetooth Speaker, USB Charger and More

Need a rugged dual-layer protective case to guard your iPad Air? Take a look at iLuv’s Layup iPad Air case, it may be a nice solution.

iLuv Layup iPad Air Case

The cup not only tracks what you’re drinking, but also offers you valuable tracking data for improving your health. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Vessyl smart cup.

Vessyl Smart Cup Tracks What You're Drinking