Grand Theft Auto V for PC has been available for preorder. It may bring Rockstar another spike in sales, but now let’s view how the elders play GTA V for the first time.

Seniors Play Grand Theft Auto V

Like many digital devices, the Cabinet features an ultra compact body, but in the limited room of the digital bookcase, there are rows of storage devices to hold your digital files in place. Curious? Let’s go on checking the nice design concept.

Cabinet A Digital Bookcase to Organize Your Files

Have you remembered STM Bags’ dux iPad Air 2 case? Now the series has covered iPhone 6/6 Plus. Want to display the original Apple logo or your own design? The dux iPhone 6 case will help you.

The Dux Customizable iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Cases

The Nintendo Famicom “controller” can’t be used to play your favorite retro video games, but it’s a nice companion for your smartphone. Curious? Let’s go for the Famicom inspired power bank with card reader.

Retro Nintendo Famicom Controller Power Bank with Card Reader

The classic game was set in our real life. If you met it, you would become another Pac-Man. Bud Light has unveiled their new Up For Whatever commercial for upcoming Super Bowl. Let’s go on checking what happened when the guy inserted a huge coin.

Real-Life Pac-Man in Bud Light's Super Bowl Commercial

id America has expanded their elegant Wall St series. Now you can use the Wall St leather laptop clutch to protect your precious laptop in a stylish way.

id America Wall St Leather Laptop Clutch

ZIIIRO has been well known for their elegant and simple watches, and the latest Eclipse wrist watch series has undoubtedly brought their watch design to a new level.

ZIIIRO Eclipse Minimal Wrist Watch

The digital Swiss Knife is designed for your iOS or Android devices. With its built-in power bank, item finder, camera shutter and more, it will bring you more convenience. Curious? Let’s go on for KiiTAG 2.

KiiTAG 2 A Digital Swiss Knife for iOS and Android Devices