BLU has announced Studio 7.0, their latest Android phone, and the large-screen smartphone has been available at Amazon for $149.99 USD. If you want to know more about the phone, let’s go on checking.

BLU Studio 7.0 Android Phone Announced

Want a simple way to get higher quality audio from your headphones? Take a look at MIYO, the digital-to-analog converter may be a suitable solution.

MIYO Digital-to-analog Converter for Better Audio Experience

The protective case not only protects your iPhone 6, but also hold your three bank cards. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Prodigee’s UnderCover iPhone 6 case with card tray.

Prodigee UnderCover iPhone 6 Case with Card Tray

Temperature, movement, light, UV index, location, Clime lets you handily measure everyday conditions. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking these wireless trackers.

Clime Wireless Trackers Measure Everyday Conditions

Apparently the foldable “game controller” can’t be used to play those Classic video games, but if you want a unique way to hold your cash and cards, the Nintendo controller inspired bifold wallet may catch your eyes.

Nintendo Controller Inspired Bifold Wallet

We have seen many fun app-controlled cars, but if you want to customize a one-of-a-kind RC car, the following Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q customizable mini car toy may draw your more attention.

Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q Customizable and App-Controlled Car

In addition to Honor 6 Plus, Huawei has also announced a new Android tabletHonor T1. If you need a budget-friendly mobile entertainment device, the tablet may be suitable for you.

Huawei Honor T1 Android Tablet Announced

Huawei has announced their latest Android phoneHonor 6 Plus. If you’re interested in large screen or dual-lens camera, let’s go on checking the new smartphone.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Android Phone Announced