LG has announced its latest Android phoneLG G3 Beat. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking what features have been packed in the mid-tier variant of LG G3 flagship grade smartphone.

LG G3 Beat Android Phone Announced

Not everyone wants their cat to become another Carfield. If you need a smart way to keep your kitty healthy, the Bistro smart feeder may be a nice solution.

Bistro A Smart Feeder Recognizes Your Cat's Face

Don’t worry, the hand-held phaser isn’t a destructive laser weapon, but you can use it to to control your TV, iPod and other gadgets. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Star Trek original phaser universal remote control.

Star Trek Orginal Phaser Universal Remote Control

Moshi has released its latest touch-sensitive protective case for Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want a handy way to answer your calls without opening a case, the SenseCover Galaxy S5 case may be suitable for you.

Moshi SenseCover Touch-Sensitive Galaxy S5 Case

Need some 8-bit style to decorate your room? If you’re also a big fan of Super Mario, the Blik Nintendo Power-ups wall decals may draw your attention.

Blik Nintendo Power-ups Wall Decals

Apparently you can’t put on the tiny Mark V Suitcase Armor, but if you need an emergency power source, the Iron Man Mark V Suitcase Armor backup battery will help you.

Iron Man Mark V Suitcase Armor Backup Battery

ZAGG has released Rugged Folio, its latest keyboard case for iPad Air and iPad mini. If you need a robust protection and comfortable typing experience, the iPad case may be suitable for you.

ZAGG Rugged Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air and iPad Mini

Apparently the keychain not only can put your keys together. If you also need a handy portable charger, the solar power bank keychain may be a nice solution.

The Solar Power Bank Keychain for iPhone