Fitbit has announced three latest smart devices including Surge, Charge, and Charge HR. Now let’s go on checking Fitbit Surge, a hybrid of fitness tracker and smartwatch.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch

The ottoman not only lets you comfortably have a rest, but also enjoy your favorite music. Like the idea? Let’s go on checking the Sound Lounge ottoman with built-in Bluetooth speaker.

The Sound Lounge Ottaman with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

We introduced BrydgeAir iPad Air case several months ago. Now their new BrydgeAir keyboard case with stereo speakers has been compatible with both iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

Brydge BrydgeAir iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case with Stereo Speakers

How many old-school video game cartridges do you have? Still want to play those classic video games? Take a look at RetroN 5, the game console may be a nice solution.

RetroN 5 Game Console Works with Various Game Cartridges

Comfortable viewing experience, longer battery life, if you don’t mind black & white interface, the E-ink display will be a nice option for smartphone, what’s more, the E-ink smartphone will only set you back less than $200.

The Affordable E-ink Smartphone Design Concept

How to brew a perfect cup of coffee at home? Take a look at Arist, the smart coffee machine may be a nice solution.

The Arist Smart Coffee Machine

To extend the battery life of your iPhone 6, you need a bank power or battery case. If you prefer the latter, let’s go on checking i-Blason UnityPower iPhone 6 case.

i-Blason UnityPower iPhone 6 Battery Case

Need a handy way to monitor potential dangerous in the air around you like carbon monoxide, propane, or radiation? Take a look at Airwave, the smart air monitor should be a nice assistant.

Airwave Smart Air Monitor