Owle Bubo Turns Your iPhone into Camcorder

Owle Bubo Turns Your iPhone into Camcorder

Why use iPhone? I belive you couldn’t just make calls with iPhone. There are so many applications and gadgets designed for iPhone are waiting for you, etc. Owle Bubo.

Owle Bubo is able to turn your iPhone into semi-professional camcorder. It comes with a 37mm lens and a microphone connected with iPhone’s headphone jack. The case of Owle Bubo is made with silicone, and protects iPhone from crashing.

Owle Bubo Turns Your iPhone into Camcorder

The limited edition accessory is priced at $129.95 USD. If you want, it’s lying on the store of official site, waiting for you. After a break, check out the video about Owle Bubo.


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I think that is an enchanting element, it made me assume a bit. Thank you for sparking my pondering cap. From time to time I am getting so much in a rut that I simply feel like a record.


Ola, what’s up amigos? 🙂
I will be happy to receive some help at the beginning.
Thanks and good luck everyone! 😉


Took forever to get and a big disappointment all around.


Not so good? Thank you for sharing your fellings.


Owle Bubo Turns Your iPhone into Camcorder…

wonderful iPhone accessory…