Onhand X-Band iPad Holder

In most cases a silicone iPad case can make you hold the iPad steadily. If you need an unusual way to hold the iPad, check out the X-Band iPad holder manufactured by TKO Solutions.

Onhand X-Band iPad Holder

Just as we can see, Onhand X-Band is an exclusive holder designed for iPad. It’s made of 5mm double nylon backed neoprene and 5oz chaps leather. Equip the holder on your iPad, slip your hand into the space between X-Band and the back cover of the iPad, that allows you to more comfortably hold the iPad and set free your other hand.

Onhand X-Band iPad Holder

X-Band iPad holder is priced at $19.99 USD. If you need this kind of dedicated holder, jump to TKO Solutions for more details.

Update: X-Band iPad holder has been available in six colors including yellow, red, blue, green, grey, and black.

Onhand X-Band iPad Holder

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Janak Mehta

This is interesting concept. Have you seen what HandeHolder (http://www.handeholder.com) in Ann Arbor has created. It’s neat idea and their product works on any tablet.

I own one and use it for Kindle and iPad both!

– Janak

Ricardo Merizalde
have a working prototype of a device for TABLETS like the iPad that works as a HAND STRAP HOLDER (very secure), STAND (portrait or landscape), and is ADJUSTABLE to different size Tablets. All of this features– and more– AND it weights less than 3 oz. I’m in the process of getting a provisional patent for it. I can’t produce IT myself, I don’t have the resources. All I need is 60 seconds tho show the device, no words!!! Thanks, Ricardo